SKE Crystal 4-in-1 Single Pod Kit Blueberry Lime
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SKE Crystal 4-in-1 Single Pod Kit Blueberry Lime
Blueberry Lime

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SKE Crystal 4-in-1 Single Pod Kit Blueberry Sour Raspberry
Blueberry Sour Raspberry

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SKE Crystal 4-in-1 Single Pod Kit Cherry Ice
Cherry Ice

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SKE Crystal 4-in-1 Single Pod Kit Lemon Lime
Lemon & Lime

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SKE Crystal 4-in-1 Single Pod Kit Tropical Mixed
Tropical Mix

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SKE Crystal 4-in-1 Single Pod Kit Watermelon Ice
Watermelon Ice

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SKE Crystal 4-in-1 Single Pod Kit Blueberry Lime
Product Description

SKE is where style meets satisfaction! SKE disposable vapes are more than just a way to enjoy your vaping experience; they're a statement. Crafted with stainless steel and food-grade PCTG material. Each Crystal Pod 4-in-1 2400 device is a powerhouse, equipped with a 950mAh battery and prefilled with four 2ml pods of 20mg nicotine salt e-liquid in 6 enigmatic flavours.

  • Blueberry Lime
  • Blueberry Sour Raspberry
  • Cherry Ice
  • Lemon & Lime
  • Tropical Mix
  • Watermelon Ice

Key Features:

  • ⁠Up to 2400 Puffs (Up to 600 puffs per pod)
  • ⁠4 x 2ml pods maximum
  • Draw Activated Inhale
  • Twist to Change Flavour
  • Built-in 950mAh Battery
  • Charging: USB Type-C charging port
Mesh Coil Technology
  • 1.1ohm coil resistance

SKE Crystal prefilled pods are tailor-made for the Crystal Pod kit, enhancing the user-friendly Mouth to Lung (MTL) vaping experience. This pack of replacement pods deliver unmatched flavour and nicotine satisfaction throughout the entire lifespan of your pods.


What is a Crystal Pod Kit vape?

The Crystal Pod vape offers ease and variety with its prefilled, flavourful disposable design. Each device includes 4 x 20mg nicotine in every 2ml e-liquid pod for a strong nicotine impact. Featuring a USB-C rechargeable battery, it delivers around 2400 puffs for a consistently satisfying vape session. When you're out of e-liquid, just swap your pod using the click-clack mechanism and continue your vaping journey! Pods are available for purchase.

Are Crystal Pod Kit vapes safe?

Crystal Pod vape devices, when used correctly, are regarded as a safer option compared to conventional vape kits. They reduce the risks associated with traditional vaping, such as using unsuitable vape juice, incorrect wattage settings, or fitting the wrong coil. Furthermore, these Pod Kits are engineered to activate exclusively upon user inhalation through the mouthpiece, enhancing their safety profile.

Are Crystal 4-in-1 Pod Kits legal?

Crystal Pods comply with the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD), ensuring their legality in many countries, including the UK. Each of the four pods holds 2ml of e-liquid and allows the use of only one pod at a time, aligning with TPD's strict safety and quality regulations. Established by the European Union, TPD limits e-liquid to 2ml per device and nicotine to 2 mg per 1ml, standards fully met by Crystal Pods.

Is Crystal Pod better than Elf Bar?

Your selection boils down to personal taste and requirements. A notable distinction is the advanced mesh coils in Crystal Pods, enhancing flavour intensity. Both Crystal Pods and Elf Bars are user-friendly, compact Pod Kits prefilled with e-liquid. Elf Bars provide a broad flavour selection within a 2ml e-liquid capacity, lasting about 600 puffs. In contrast, Crystal Pods feature a unique design with 4 separate, rotating pods, offering a total of up to 8ml of e-liquid per device.

How long does a Crystal 4-in-1 Pod Kit last?

Every Crystal Pod is filled with 8ml of 20mg/ml nicotine salt e-liquid, and thanks to its 950mAh battery, it usually delivers about 2400 puffs or draws. SKE Crystal Pod Pod Kits are engineered to offer an experience equivalent to roughly 80 cigarettes. Most disposable devices hold 2ml of 20mg nicotine which is equivalent to 600 puffs or alternatively, a standard 20 pack of traditional cigarettes.

How do I use SKE Crystal Pod Pod Kits?

Crystal Pod disposables are designed for inhale activation, operated by the mouthpiece located at the top. This hassle-free design eliminates the need for buttons or complex hardware. Just set up your device by inserting all four pods, aligning the arrow on the mouthpiece with the unlocked icon, clicking in with a clockwise twist in mechanism to confirm the mouthpiece is securely attached, and you're ready to vape! When the flavour diminishes or the coil within the pod begins to burn, simply push to twist the carousel to the next pod, making sure it clicks securely back into place.

What type of flavours do SKE Crystal Pod Kits come in?

Explore a vast selection of flavours, including fruit, dessert, drinks, and tobacco blends, all conveniently prefilled in the device. Coils are integrated into the pods so you can safely swap out pods without stress. Say goodbye to the hassle of changing coils and pods!

Can I fill SKE Crystal Pod Kits with e-liquids?

Crystal Pod Kits are reusable devices that cannot be refilled with e-liquids but instead swapped out with designated SKE pods. The 4in1 design comes with pods initially, and the same pods can be purchased as replacements for the rechargeable kit to keep you vaping all day.

Who are SKE Crystal Pod Kits recommended for?

SKE Crystal Pod Kits, with their user-friendly and compact design, are ideal for beginners seeking an easy start in vaping and for seasoned vapers wanting a portable device. They're also a great choice for eco-conscious vapers who need a straightforward, on-the-go kit.

How many puffs do SKE Crystal Pod Kits offer?

Crystal Pod vapes provide as many as 2400 enjoyable puffs per device. 

What type of e-liquid is in SKE Crystal Pod Kits?

These disposable devices come prefilled with 2ml of 20mg nicotine salt e-liquids, available in a wide range of flavours.

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