Lime Eliquids

Lime flavoured e-liquid is the king of sharp and tasty vapes. Lime doesn’t require much introduction. We all know how delicious lime can be when used to perfection. Lime appears in a range of vape juices from fruits combinations to tingly drinks. Some of our favourites include Lemon and Lime drinks flavour, as well as Mojitos! 


Lime is at home among other fruit flavours, so its great for those of us who love to vape fruit flavours. These sharper e-liquids are great following a flavour that may have been sweet or rich. 


Whether you like high PG or VG e-liquids, you’ll be able to find a lime flavour. High PG e-liquids really allow lime’s zingy edge to shine, while high VG liquids help to tone down the sour and let the subtle sweetness shine.

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