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How does Drifter compare to other vape brands?

Drifter is known for its innovative if slightly bonkers flavour combinations which make for exciting vaping sessions. If you’re wanting to taste something a little different, it’s certainly worth giving Drifter’s fun flavours a go.

Where are Drifter e-liquids manufactured?

Drifter is manufactured in the UK with many flavours reflecting their background, such as their Tutti Frutti e-liquid!

What are the best flavours from Drifter?

There are many fan favourites from Drifter. The most popular Drifter flavours include Blue Raspberry, Sour Cherry Cola and Tutti Frutti.

What are Drifter shortfills?

Shortfills are larger bottles of e-liquid that do not contain any nicotine. Instead, they come with extra space to add a nicotine shot of your desired strength.