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Vape Battery Chargers

Vape battery chargers are an essential piece of equipment for any vaper whose device uses removable batteries. Many vape mods and devices will allow you to charge your batteries through the device’s USB port. However, charging through your device is not as efficient, as this can take longer and impact your battery’s charge life. Plus, with a dedicated charger, you can charge more cells at once. If you’re going through batteries quickly with a high-powered, sub-ohm device, then using a bigger charger makes a lot of sense!

These chargers will be compatible with the lithium-ion batteries used in vape kits. Vape battery chargers can even be used for multiple sized batteries, but we advise to always read your charger’s description first to see if it is compatible. We stock a great collection of vape battery chargers that range from being able to charge 2-8 batteries at once. Find yours today!

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