Vampire Vape E-liquids

Vampire Vape is one of the oldest yet most respected UK vape brands, providing a collection of luscious fruit, sweets, and menthol blends, including their signature Heisenberg flavour. Vampire Vape juice is available in 10ml bottles in varying nicotine strengths, with several of their flavours also accessible in nic salt form.

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One Of The Most Iconic Brands

Vampire Vapes are known as one of the longest-standing e-liquid brands and top manufacturers on the market today. Since they’ve been around for so long, they’ve certainly made their mark with their vast variety of award-winning vape flavours.

Vampire Vape are famed for their iconic Pinkman and Heisenberg flavours, the latter of which being the first of its kind! As one of the first names to enter the vape market, you can feel confident in knowing that Vampire Vape have years of e-liquid flavour making experience.

Fang-tastic Flavours

If you’re after e-liquid flavours that provide an extra special kick, then you’ll certainly find it with Vampire Vapes. Choose from their delicious range of fruit, sweets and menthol blends, each with their own irresistible bite.

No Tricks, Just Treats!

With candy concoctions and blood-coloured berry flavours, Vampire Vape e-liquids ooze the true spirit of Halloween. Go on, give into your temptations and sink your teeth (OK, maybe not literally, but you get the gist!) into their spooktacular collection of shortfills, nicotine salts and 60/40s!

What does Vampire Vape’s Heisenberg flavour taste like?

Vampire Vape are best known for their unique Heisenberg flavour, which is an intriguing combination between Blue Raspberry, Grape and Blueberries, all fused with a cooling kick of Icy cool Menthol and Eucalyptus.

Does Vampire Vape contain nicotine?

All of Vampire Vape’s shortfill e-liquids do not contain nicotine. You can vape these e-liquids on their own, or add a nic shot (sold separately). For 50ml shortfills, add one 10ml 18mg nic shot to create 60ml of 3mg e-liquid. When using 100ml shortfills, add two 18mg nic shots for 120ml of 3mg e-liquid.

Who are Vampire Vape e-liquids recommended for?

This award-winning e-liquid brand is best known for their fang-tastic fruit, tobacco and drinks-inspired blends that are too tempting to not sink your teeth into! With shortfills, nic salts, and 60PG/40VG e-liquids available, Vampire Vape caters towards a broad scope of vapers from complete beginners to experts.

Are Vampire Vape Eliquids good?

Founded in 2012, Vampire Vape is one of the UK's longest-standing e-liquid brands. As such, they've only gotten better and better! Their team of expert vape juice mixologists have created thousands of terrifyingly tasty flavours for you to try.

What are the top Vampire Vape eliquid flavours?

While all of Vampire Vape's e-liquids are spine-chillingly splendid in their own right, there are a few firm favourite shortfill flavours that vapers can't get enough of. These include Cool Red Slush, All Day Grape, Purple Fusion, as well as Pinkman, which is also available in nic salt and 60/40 form! Popular flavours from their nic salt range include their Pinkman, Ice Menthol, Blood Sukka and Blackjack flavours, while their best-loved 60/40 flavours include Heisenberg, Blackjack, Pear Drops, and Bubblegum.

Which Vampire Vape e-liquid ranges does sell?

With flavours this thrilling, we couldn't leave any Vampire Vape range behind! That's why we offer their original shortfill, nic salt and 60/40 flavours alongside their shortfill Vampire Vape Shortz and Koncept XIX collections. Which eerie-sistible Vampire Vape flavour will you try first?

Which awards has Vampire Vape won?

Vampire Vape have won multiple highly regarded Vapouround awards, including Best Trade Show 2016 Winner, Best Mint Menthol 2017 Winner, Best Dessert Winner 2019, Best Mint/Menthol 2018 Winner, Manufacturer of the Year 2018, and Best Mint E-liquid in 2019.

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