18650 Vape Batteries

18650 vape batteries are one of the most common types of battery for use in vape mods and other removable battery kits. 18650 refers to the dimensions and shape of the cell: 18x65mm with the 0 indicating that it’s round in shape. These batteries are lithium-ion, which is the same material used in common electronics, such as phone batteries. If used correctly, these batteries are as safe as any other lithium-ion powered device. 

18650 batteries are great for all forms of vape devices, catering towards both MTL and DTL vaping. Kits may require one or more 18650 batteries depending on the device type and its maximum wattage. 18650 size batteries come in a variety of outputs and capacities suitable for a range of different devices. If you’re unsure on which output/capacity you need in your vape device, consult the device’s guide, or get in touch with one of our vape experts.

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How do Vape Batteries Work?

Before we jump into explaining the mechanics behind your device, there are a few basic scientific principles involved with vape batteries that you should know first. These include:

  • Voltage (volts, V): Voltage is a measure of how much energy is passing electricity through your vaping device’s coil.
  • Current (amps, A): The faster the electrical current flows, the hotter your vape coil will become. 
  • Resistance (ohms, Ω): Ohms are a measure of resistance. The lower the unit of ohms, the greater the production of vapour clouds will be. 
  • Power (Watts, P,W): Power refers to how much energy is being used or produced in a vape battery. 
  • mAH Capacity Rating: Measured by milliampere-hour, the mAH Capacity Rating of a vape battery translates to how much energy can be delivered within the time frame of one hour. 

When a vaping device’s firing button is activated, both internal and external vape batteries function by passing voltage to the coil in your tank, where an electrical current is then drawn from the vape battery to heat it and produce delicious vapour! The flow of the current, i.e how quickly your device can heat up vapour, will vary depending on your coil’s resistance (ohms, Ω).

What are Vape Batteries Made Of?

Both internal and external batteries are made from Lithium-ion, which is commonly used in a number of other portable conventional electronics, such as electric vehicles or radio controlled toys.

Which Vape Battery Does My Device Need?

For sub ohm / direct to lung (DTL) devices, we recommend using a battery with a high Amp output. Those vaping with a mouth to lung (MTL) device should stay with a lower Amp output battery - this is because MTL devices have a higher coil resistance which requires less power than DTL device’s low resistance coils.

Are vape Batteries Safe?

Most battery chargers and vaping devices will have short circuit and over charge protection, however it is important to be aware of several general battery safety precautions before hitting your vape.