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Blueberry Eliquids

Blueberry e-liquids are one of the most popular choices among beginner vapers due to their balanced flavour. This versatile fruit pleasantly surprises with both sweet and sharp notes that carry through with each and every vape. The tartness that is found within blueberries makes them a perfect addition to simple fruit blends or those inspired by desserts and pastry flavours, such as pancakes. For an even smoother vape, Blueberry e-liquids are also a great match with menthol. 

Ideal for both large and small vape devices, Blueberry e-liquids can be enjoyed from 50% VG mixes all the way up to thicker 80% VG blends. The flavour of Blueberry e-liquids may vary depending on your vaping device’s wattage and temperature - a higher temperature will provide tarter notes, whereas a lower temperature will boost sweetness.

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