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The best e-liquid brand

Anyone who loves liquid vapour will have some e-liquid brands they love more than others. Whether it's the eco-friendly vape flavours of Wild Roots or the outrageous vape flavour profiles from Six Licks, every vape liquid brand has its own quirks and benefits. That means finding the best vape juice brand for you is a matter of preference—thankfully we've got loads of eliquid choices.

But where should you start with your journey to find the best e-liquid brand? There really is no right answer! Instead, figure out what type of e-liquid you're looking for, and find a vape liquid brand that matches. Our first tip would be to think about vape flavours—are you after a decadent dessert vape juice, a fresh fruity vapour liquid, or just a traditional tobacco e-cigarette? Search for the vape flavour you want, then try a few different vape brands out, and see which works best for you!

Deciding on your vape liquid strength

After you've found the vape flavours you want to trial, you'll have to think about nicotine strength too. How high or low you go is all down to preference, and what you want from your vape juices. If you're vaping to replace smoking, then it'll be a matter of trying to gauge your smoking levels. It'll also be affected by your e-liquid use throughout that day. If you're going to be vaping vapour juices all day then a lower strength is advisable, but if it's just for a few big hits a day you could probably get a higher nic strength.

The final consideration for your e-liquids is the PG/VG ratio. All e-liquids will contain a ratio of these two liquids, and they affect a lot of the form of the liquid vapour. PG stands for Propylene Glycol, while VG stands for Vegetable Glycerin. For big juicy e-liquid clouds you want a higher amount of VG, and for an e-liquid throat hit more similar to cigarettes you want a higher amount of Propylene Glycol. The majority of e-cig liquids you find will have a PG/VG ratio of 40/60, but as with everything else vape there's plenty of opportunity to customise.

What are 10ml e-juices?

These are your every day e-juices! 10ml e-liquids are the most recognisable form of vaping, and the best place to start your liquid vapour journey. If you want to trial a bunch of different vape flavours 10ml vape liquids are a great place to start. 10ml vapour juices are direct, and to-the-point, meaning you get everything in one bottle. Most 10ml e-liquids will work in simple mouth-to-lung vape kits as well, meaning you can vape them straight away. Since they're smaller and more affordable, these vape juices are a great way to try different e-liquid brands.

What are Nic Salts vape liquids?

Nicotine salts, known to most vapers as 'Nic Salts', are a innovative way to get better vape flavours. Nic salts are based on a natural form of nicotine extracted from leaf tobacco. That natural nicotine form makes nic salt e-liquids super efficient at delivering nicotine, giving those e-cig liquids a way more satisfying hit. Some vapers also say the vape flavours punch harder as a result! If you want to try a more premium liquid vapour experience, this is a good next step on your e-liquid journey.

What are Shortfill e-cig liquids?

Once you've figured out the e-liquid brands you really love, it's only logical you want more vape liquid than 10ml, right? That's where Shortfill e-cig liquids come in. Since regulation says that in the UK e-cigarette bottles with nicotine in can only hold 10ml of vape juice, Shortfills are a sneaky way of getting around that. Usually containing either 50ml or 100ml of vapour juice, you can then top it up with your own nicotine amount, meaning you can really customise your vaping experience as you see fit. Wicked!

What are Nic Shots?

But what do you fill your Shortfill e-cig liquid with? Well, that's where Nic Shots come in. Nicotine shots, or Nic Shots are little booster bottles that you use to top up a big Shortfill e-liquid. That way you can totally customise the right nic strength for each bottle you have in stock.