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Where is Unreal Raspberry manufactured?

All of Unreal Raspberry’s unbelievably delicious blends are manufactured in Oxford in the UK and produced by Jack Rabbit E-liquids (AKA Jack Rabbit Vapes). Jack Rabbit Vapes are known for a number of other e-liquid ranges which include Cyber Rabbit, Rachael Rabbit and Jack Rabbit Fusions.

Which Unreal Raspberry flavour is the best?

There are a number of popular Unreal Raspberry flavours among vapers including their mixed fruit Blue e-liquid and their Cherry and Blue Raspberry based Red e-liquid. Don’t just limit yourself to these flavours though - a whole colourful collection of vibrant fruit flavours are waiting for you!

Who is Unreal Raspberry for?

Unreal Raspberry e-liquids are a great choice for those searching for simple fruit flavours with an intensely fresh twist. These shortfill e-liquids are best suited for advanced vapers. For maximum flavour hits, ensure to vape these fun and fruity fusions with higher-powered sub-ohm devices.

Do Unreal Raspberry e-liquids contain nicotine?

Unreal Raspberry’s flavour offerings are available in shortfill form, which do not contain nicotine. Instead, these types of e-liquids come with additional room to pour in nic shots, meaning the choice to vape with or without nicotine is entirely up to you!

What product ranges do Unreal Raspberry have?

Unreal Raspberry have a core flavour range alongside their Unreal 2 and Unreal 3 collections. Each range features mouth-watering fruit and candy flavours, all so tasty you simply won't believe it!