Disposable vapes are beginner-friendly devices fitted with built-in batteries and pre-filled with tasty 2ml nicotine salt flavours in 10mg/20mg strengths. Operating via inhale activation through a comfortable mouthpiece, these extremely compact vapes provide a set puff count ranging from 500-700 puffs, which is equal to approximately 45 cigarettes.

As these nifty little disposable vape bars come equipped with everything you need to start vaping, there’s no need to swap out any coils or pods/tank or power up your device. Instead, you can simply vape from the get-go and dispose of your device once it’s run out of juice! That way, you can also try new flavours without committing to a larger device and e-liquids.

In this guide, we’ll be listing the top disposable vape devices of 2024, and telling you why you should give these ultra-convenient devices a try!

Best Disposables of 2023

The world of disposable vaping is like no other - there’s an almost infinite amount of flavours to choose from! We update this guide regularly, so make sure to check back in a few months!

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