Watermelon Eliquids

Watermelon flavoured e-liquid is one of the standout flavours in the world of vaping. Watermelon flavour can come in a few guises, whether that be the fresh fruit or watermelon inspired sweets. Either way, we are all probably acquainted with the flavoursome delights that watermelon can bring.

Watermelon is as versatile as it is unique, and works great as either a stand-alone flavour or as part of a fruit medley; it even works great with menthol for a super fresh kick. If this gets your taste buds going, you’re in luck. Watermelon is typically available in a range of e-liquids from multiple great brands in fruit combos or sweet candy flavours.

Watermelon e-liquids are available in a wide variety of e-liquids, suitable for both MTL and DTL vaping. For new vapers, watermelon flavours can be a great introduction to bolder fruit e-liquids and are often great for all-day vaping.

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