Ohm Brew E-liquid

Ohm Brew have set themselves apart from other e-liquid brands with their wide assortment of premium e-liquid flavours ranging from fruits and desserts to drinks, tobacco, and menthol. For the closest sensation to smoking with balanced flavours that hit the spot, we best recommend trying Ohm Brew’s mouth-watering nic salt collection.

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E-liquids With Irish Spirit

Based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, the talents of the Irish can truly be found in this vape brand. Their fresh and exciting flavours are ideal for new vapers and those who enjoy vaping more traditional flavour profiles.

Brewed For You

This brand offers a giant selection of premium nicotine salt vape juices that span the fruit, sweets, dessert, tobacco and menthol variety. Your search for your next favourite e-liquid flavour is over!

Your Vaping Journey Starts Here!

This beginner-friendly e-liquid range has all the flavours you need to transition from smoking to vaping. Choose from 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 20mg strengths, all suitable for use in your preferred Mouth-to-Lung vape kit.

When was Ohm Brew established?

Ohm Brew was founded in 2017, and has been producing distinctly smooth e-liquid flavours for every palette ever since! At E-liquids.com, we offer a great selection of Ohm Brew 10ml 50/50, Free base Nicotine, and Salt Nicotine e-liquids with a diversity of interesting flavours and nicotine strengths ranging from 3-18mg to try.

Where is Ohm Brew from?

Ohm Brew e-liquids are manufactured in their factory in Belfast, Ireland, where each batch is GC-MS tested for trustworthy quality. All of their ingredients are sourced locally in the UK to ensure premium-grade vape juices with a home-grown focus.

What are the most popular e-liquids from Ohm Brew?

From classic, juicy fruit flavours to nostalgic drinks-inspired blends, Ohm Brew’s vape juices are more than deserving of their popularity! Among the most tongue-tantalising flavours from this brand include their intriguing and often daring dessert mixes, with Banana Caramel Waffle, Pineapple & Mango Ice Cream and Lemon and Lime Ice Lolly all earning a place in our favourites.

Are Ohm Brew e-liquids suitable for starter vapers?

Absolutely! Ohm Brew e-liquids have a 50PG/50VG e-liquid ratio, allowing them to be vaped seamlessly in either starter kits or pod devices. These e-juices are a fantastic choice for beginner vapers, pod kit users, or those switching from smoking to vaping.

What does Ohm refer to?

Ohm Brew describes the quitting smoking journey as being lost at sea. The brand’s mission is to bring you home (Ohm) and back to the shore with their better brew, better you mantra. Alongside being a fun piece of witty wordplay on the word “Ohm” which is a unit of resistance used in vape coils, their branding has a meaningful and inspirational message for those who want to stop smoking altogether.

Why choose Ohm Brew?

Ohm Brew offers more than just standard e-liquids. They’ve crafted each one of their blends with total devotion to the vape community, ensuring that every delicious flavour of theirs hits the spot with nicotine satisfaction. As a relatively new vape brand, they’re switched on with what vapers of the modern age enjoy!

Which nicotine strength should I choose as a beginner?

The nicotine strength you need all depends on how often you used to smoke. If you previously considered yourself as a heavy smoker, we recommend starting with 20mg first, while lighter smokers will need 10mg. The aim is to slowly reduce your nicotine intake until you feel satisfied enough not to vape with it anymore.

Are these e-liquids suitable for all vapers?

As this is a nicotine salt only range, Ohm Brew e-liquids are suitable for those who have recently made the switch from smoking to vaping. Nicotine salts contain a special form of nicotine for guaranteed smoother throat hits, clear flavours and discreet vapour, which are three beginner-friendly factors.

What size bottle do nic salts come in?

Ohm Brew Nic Salts come in a standard 10ml bottle size which should last you up to five days. However, this will of course vary depending on your day-to-day usage.

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