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Through their industry-first technology and elegant designs, VOOPOO quickly rose to fame in 2019 and secured a reputable position in the e-cigarette market. In the same year, they launched a series of new products including the highly renowned Drag kits, which came with a host of new enviable features.

Gene Chip Technology


VOOPOO’s GENE Chip invention has opened up the opportunity for vapers to enjoy precise customisation and uninterrupted high-power performance. This ingenious feature provides a more optimised ramp-up process and has since been updated for specific devices.

The most notable VOOPOO devices with the Gene Chip include the VOOPOO Drag, VOOPOO Drag Mini, and the Drag 2.

  • Unsurpassed Performance
  • Enhanced customisation
  • Speedy ramp-up time
  • Improved safety


VOOPOO have a number of product collections, each with their own distinct designs and ground-breaking features. Their highly-approved Drag, Vinci, Argus and V series have been a huge hit with choices for both new starters all the way up to vaping veterans.

Their equally popular PnP platform and TPP Platform coil collections have been expertly designed to be paired with these kits.

Drag Series


VOOPOO's Drag Series is a high-performance collection known for its vibrant designs and powerful outputs. The first vape kit to join this series was the VOOPOO Drag, which features their renowned GENE chip.

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Vinci Series


VOOPOO's Vinci Series showcases a number of portable yet intelligent pod devices with the new generation GENE.AI chipset.

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Argus Series


With its choice of compact devices, VOOPOO's Argus series remains as popular as ever. Included in this collection is their Argus, Argus X, Argus Pro, Argus Air pod kits as well as their Argus GT vape kit.

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V Series


VOOPOO's V Series has been developed in mind for new users or those looking for a travel-friendly solution to on-the-go vaping.

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VOOPOO Vape Kits

From pocket-sized starter kits to larger sub-ohm kits, VOOPOO offers an outstanding choice of products for both complete beginner and vaping veterans that are built to last.

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VOOPOO’s robust collection of vape coils provides options for both MTL and DTL vapers. Many of these coils are cross-compatible, meaning they can be used with a broad choice of kits.

Their industry renowned PnP coil range is available in multiple variants, all with mesh coil builds for unrivalled vapour and flavour delivery.

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VOOPOO has developed among some of the most popular pods on the market today.

Manufactured by experts using top-grade materials, users can expect nothing less than the best with every VOOPOO pod.

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Voopoo Guides & FAQs

What makes VOOPOO a popular brand in the vaping industry?

VOOPOO's popularity stems from its reputation for innovative designs, high-quality products, and a commitment to providing a satisfying vaping experience.

Are VOOPOO devices beginner-friendly?

Many VOOPOO devices are designed with beginners in mind, offering easy-to-use features and intuitive designs for those new to vaping.

How do VOOPOO devices compare to other vape brands?

VOOPOO sets itself apart with cutting-edge technology, stylish aesthetics, and a wide range of customisable options, catering to both novice and experienced vapers.

Are VOOPOO products safe for vaping?

VOOPOO products undergo rigorous testing to meet safety standards, ensuring users can vape with confidence knowing their devices are reliable and safe.

Where can I find authentic VOOPOO products?

To ensure authenticity and quality, it's recommended to purchase VOOPOO products from authorised retailers or the brand's official website.

How do I troubleshoot issues with my VOOPOO device?

If you encounter any problems with your VOOPOO device, refer to the user manual for troubleshooting tips or reach out to VOOPOO's customer support for assistance.

What maintenance is required for VOOPOO devices?

Regular maintenance, such as cleaning the tank and coils, checking for leaks, and proper battery care, helps prolong the lifespan of VOOPOO devices and ensures optimal performance.

Can I customise my VOOPOO device?

Many VOOPOO devices offer customisable features like wattage control and temperature settings, allowing users to tailor their vaping experience to their preferences.

How long do VOOPOO coils last, and when should I replace them?

VOOPOO coils typically last one to three weeks, depending on usage and e-liquid composition. Replace coils when flavor diminishes or vapor production decreases.