What Are the Benefits of Switching from Disposable to Reusable Vapes?

Disposable vapes have now reached such popular heights that they’re the only type of vape many people have tried.

Furthermore, when disposables first began to take over the market, they were able to make incredible waves due to the fact that the devices themselves were optimised for the specific type of e-liquid they carried.

This meant that disposables were able to offer incredible and almost unrivalled flavour, when compared to a lot of regular vape kits of that time.

Now though, things have changed significantly.

Many of those who turned to disposables, and those who initially started vaping with disposables, are completely unaware of how drastically reusable vaping products have changed within the last year or two.

For this reason, we’ve chosen to explore the benefits of switching from disposable vapes to reusable vaping products.

A Tailored Vaping Experience

One of the biggest selling points of disposable vapes is their practicality, with a majority of disposables being draw-activated, pre-filled and ready to go out of the box.

Whilst this is definitely a great feature, many reusable devices are now also designed to be draw activated, and as practical as possible.

However, one thing reusable devices offer that disposables don’t is customisation.

While most new vape kits offer a great vaping experience straight out of the box, many of them also offer users the chance to fine tune their device with variable wattage, coil resistance, and airflow control options.

By adjusting these variables, you have greater control over flavour production, draw tightness, vapour warmth and more.

It’s not complicated either, before long your ideal vaping preference becomes second nature, that’s when it becomes hard to imagine not having those customisation options.

Capacity, Capacity, Capacity

Under current UK regulations, disposable vapes are limited to an e-liquid capacity of just 2ml, or up to 600 puffs.

The built-in batteries of disposable vapes are also intended to last just long enough to utilise the pre-filled liquids.

Reusable vapes, however, often contain batteries with a capacity of 1,000+ mAh, which should see even the heaviest of vapers through a full day of vaping.

They can also, of course, be refilled whenever needed, which means that by simply keeping a 10ml bottle of e-liquid close to hand, you can be fully set with up to 3,000 puffs available to you at any time.

More Flavours, More Options

One of the more obvious benefits of reusable vapes over disposables is the incredible amount of options available where e-liquids are concerned.

Not only are there much more flavour options available for refillable devices, but you also have the ability to choose which VG/PG ratio you’d prefer, which has an effect on flavour, throat hit and vapour production, as well as being able to fine tune nicotine strengths, which can be enjoyed in both nicotine salt and freebase forms.

You can also mix e-liquid flavours to create your own delicious blends, if you so desire.

Money, Money, Money

One of the biggest factors that seems to keep people going back to disposables is the perception that they’re cheaper than traditional vape kits.

Due to the upfront cost of disposable vapes being noticeably less than a lot of vape kits, many consumers believe that they’re saving money by purchasing disposables over reusable devices.

While this may be true if you’re only intending to vape for a day or two, disposables work out much more expensive for those who choose to vape on a regular basis.

If we place the average cost of a replacement pod or coil at around £3, and the average cost of a 10ml bottle of e-liquid at the same price, a full month of vaping using reusable devices should cost at most around £25.

We’ll now call the average cost of a disposable vape in the UK £5, in which case, an equal amount of vaping over the course of a month would work out to a staggering £100, four times the cost of e-liquid and coils for a reusable device.

With savings like that, you could buy yourself multiple new vape kits each month, and still be saving money!

Clean, Green Vaping Machine

One of the most talked about factors of disposable vapes is their environmental impact.

Most parts and components of disposable vapes could be reused easily without impacting the performance of the device, such as their built-in batteries, plastic housings, etc.

However, due to the disposable nature of these devices, that isn’t the case.

Instead, many disposable vapes end up littered on the streets, or in landfill, where they pollute the environment and introduce hazards, such as battery related explosions and fires.

Of course, this isn’t the case with traditional vape kits, where a majority of the device, including the battery, are reused multiple times over, meaning that only the used pods or coils need to be discarded.

Do Disposables Still Have Their Place?

We’ve focused on the ways in which reusable vapes can be preferential to disposables, however, we do of course acknowledge that there is definitely a place for disposables, and various circumstances in which a disposable device could actually be more suited than a vape kit.

For instance, you might only want to vape for the odd day or two every once in a while, in which case, disposables make a lot more sense.

Or maybe you’ve even just left your vape kit at home accidentally and need something to see you through until you return home, in which case a disposable vape is the perfect option.

There is certainly a place for disposables, and a way that they can fit perfectly into the vaping world, and we do believe in time that this balance will naturally fall into place as the market develops.

    Where to Begin?

    With such vast and varying offerings available in the vape kit market, we understand that it can be super difficult to decide which kit is right for you, particularly if you have no previous experience with vape kits.

    That’s why we’ve taken the time to select a few devices that we believe, at the time of writing this article, are perfect choices for beginner vapers, and experienced vapers alike.

    Take a look at our recommended vape kits below:

    1. Vaporesso Xros 3
    2. Oxva Xlim Pro
    3. Uwell Caliburn A3
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