Lemon Eliquids

Lemon flavour e-liquid occupies that lovely sour segment of flavours with lime, but adds a little extra sweetness to the mix. Lemon e-liquid comes in many forms; you’re just as likely to find it in fruit flavours as you drinks and desserts. Because of lemons more subtle sourness, it lends itself well to richer creamier textures, while also being welcome in punchy fruit combos.


 It’s worth taking the time to look through our lemon e-liquid selection, because there are some amazing, imaginative flavours on offer. Most vapers will tell you how nice lemon is in vapour form, so if you’re unsure we’d still recommend taking the plunge and trying a liquid with lemon in it. 


Lemon flavours can be found in shortfills, 50/50s and nic salts alike, so there’s no excuse for not trying one of these amazing e-liquids!

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