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20mg Eliquid

20mg e-liquids are best suited for those who previously considered themselves as heavy smokers, which is the equivalent to smoking over 10 cigarettes a day. If you used to smoke under this amount, we strongly recommend vaping e-liquids with a low to medium nicotine concentration.

20mg vape juices convert to 2% nicotine, and provide a powerfully coarse throat hit that is unmatched to medium and low concentrations. Alongside a stronger throat hit, vapers can expect pleasant flavour delivery which satisfies with each hit. As a basic principle in the world of vaping, the stronger the e-liquid, the higher the nicotine delivery and throat hit will be.

Browse our superb selection of 20mg e-liquids and you’ll be able to find a broad range of mind-blowing flavour concoctions in varying ratios and types, including nicotine salts. We’ve got juicy fruit blends, nostalgic desserts and drinks-inspired mixes, as well as classic tobacco flavours to name a few, all from bestselling vape brands. If you need any further advice on deciding which nicotine strength is best for you, we recommend reading our beginner’s guide to vaping nicotine as a great starting point!