Love Elf Bars but want the improved value of e-liquids? Time to grab yourself an MTL kit and a few bottles of Elfliq e-liquid. Elfliq is a brand of vape juices created by Elf Bar themselves to provide vapers with their sensational flavours in e-liquid form.

As you can imagine, buying Elf Bar flavours as an e-liquid has a number of advantages over disposable vapes. First of all, Elfiq comes in 10ml bottles, meaning you get 5 times the amount of e-liquid as a single Elf Bar. Moreover, 10ml Elfliq bottles actually cost less than a single elf bar, giving you loads more puffs at an even cheaper price.

Using Elfliq vape juice in a vape kit is also far more environmentally friendly. Instead of disposing of a full kit, battery and all, every 2ml, you need only dispose of an easily recycled bottle every 10ml. Both your wallet and the planet will thank you for switching to Elfliq.

Explore the best Elfliq e-liquids below and take a step towards enjoying your Elf Bar flavours in a vape kit. We’ve created this list based on our wholesale data, so this top 10 has been decided by vapers across the UK!

Because of their popularity, there is an incredibly wide range of flavours to choose from. Below, we've listed some of our favourite and best-selling menthol vape liquids based on data from our online store. Take a look and discover your perfecrt menthol e-liquid.

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