Who are Re-Salt?

Re-Salt is an innovative company under the umbrella of trusted parent company, Dispergo. With little marketing or advertising, these flavors speak for themselves. With a reputable manufacturer and innovative developers, Re-Salt prides themselves on being a high-quality, accessible e-liquid option.

What are Re-Salt e-liquids?

Re-Salt boasts a bespoke range of Nic salts that offer high quality at a low price. These 50/50 PG/VG e-liquids were initially designed to be the pay day bridge, a cost-effective yet high-performance nic salt that doesn’t sacrifice flavor pay off alongside its minimized price tag.

How do Re-Salt Nic Salts work?

Ideal for those transitioning from smoking to vaping, Re-Salt Nic Salt are a popular choice not only because of their elite flavors, but also the similarity in nicotine delivery to traditional cigarettes, as well as smoother throat hits compared to traditional freebase nicotine.

What flavors are available for Re-Salt Nic Salts?

The current Re-Salt range consists of 13 elevated, best-selling flavors that can’t be found in your run-of-the-mill disposable vape device. Every Re-Salt e-liquid has been chosen from the best-selling UK flavors over the years, boasting champagne quality on a lemonade budget.

How long does a Re-Salt nic-salt last?

Depending on user habits, the lifespan of a 10ml bottle of Re-Salt nic salts can vary but generally your pod and nic-salt will last around the amount of time. We recommend one 10ml bottle per reusable pod lifespan, so this will very much depend on individual vaping habits.

What is the best device to use with Re-Salt Nic Salts?

Nic-Salts are a 50/50 PG/VG ratio, which is best suited to MTL (mouth-to-lung) vaping. MTL Pod kits are the ideal reusable device for those on the more eco-conscious side looking to make the jump from traditional cigarettes or ditch the disposable.

Are Re-Salt Nic Salts for beginners?

Nic Salts are the perfect choice for beginners due to the simplicity and ease of use. Reusable refillable pod kits can be purchased at relatively low price points and nic-salts utilize fast-acting nicotine delivery, which means instant and prolonged satisfaction.

Are Re-Salt Nic Salts safe to use?

Yes, Nic Salts are perfectly safe to use as per directions of use. Always avoid contact with eyes and skin and ensure all directions of use are followed. All nic salts are independently tested by Adact Medical for 100% TPD Compliance, Toxicology, and emissions.

Where can I purchase Re-Salt Nic Salts?

Re-Salt e-liquids are available directly from Dispergo or from any authorized retailer both online and in store. Legal 18+ age restrictions for purchasing vaping products are in place. It's essential to always adhere to your Government-mandated laws and regulations regarding the sale and use of vaping products, which often include age restrictions to prevent the sale to minors.