Blackcurrant Eliquids

Blackcurrant e-liquids are characterised by sweet, tart notes, offering a classic taste that can be enjoyed both in its own right or with a fusion of harmonious accompanying flavours, such as apples or even pastry inspired e-liquid creations. Blackcurrant e-liquids are also commonly combined with flavours such as refreshing mint and juicy summer fruits for an even sweeter kick. 

Smaller vaping devices such as mouth to lung setups will benefit from blackcurrant e-liquids with a lower VG concentration, whereas larger devices such as sub ohm setups will have a better experience with higher VG blackcurrant e-liquids. Those using high wattage vaping devices can also expect intensified sugary notes of the berry, while lower wattage vaping will deliver a smoother, juicer texture.

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