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One of the fastest-growing e-cig brands on the market

Founded by Justin Lai, the team behind OXVA has helped create one of the fastest-growing brands to exist on the e-cigarette market. Creating the finest quality products on the market, they not only deliver on customer satisfaction but they also ensure the best customer care service is offered too.

OXVA is certainly making a big impression on the market currently and its passion for delivering the right products for its customers is apparent.

All products undergo complex tests throughout their engineering

The OXVA team cares about the products they put in front of their customers and that means running endless tests to ensure the products manufactured are the best they can be. Throughout OXVA’s advanced engineering, everything is carefully monitored to ensure only the best quality and performance are achieved.
OXVA only releases products they’re 100% satisfied with and are proud to be putting on the market for vape customers.

OXVA Product Ranges

OXVA’s product ranges offer everything a vape user would need, whether they’re a beginner or advanced vape user. From replacement pods to vape kits and mini pods, there’s something for everyone. OXVA is constantly churning out new products that innovate and change the current consumer market.

Fearless when it comes to providing innovation, OXVA provides performance-based vaping that comes with every product you have the opportunity to purchase!

OXVA Vape Kits

Their brand’s vape kits are something they’re known for and there is a range of vape kit options to choose from. Whether that’s their Xlim Vape Pod Kit to their bulkier options like the Vativ and Unibox Vape Kit.

Each vape kit offers something different to the user whether it’s the best flavours with no leakage, to tech-heavy options for those needing more personalisation over their vape device. Every vape kit available from OXVA is worth trying and we’re always looking out for their new devices to sell.
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High-performance vape Replacement Pods

OXVA's high-performance vape replacement pods are a fantastic product for top-filling e-liquids. They make it easier to replace the liquid in your vape whilst you’re on the go, making them a useful product for when you’re out and about or on your travels. These replacement pods are suitable for both DTL and MTL vapers.
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Improve flavours with OXVA Uniplus Replacement Vape Coils.

Replacing your vape coils is an important part of maintaining the quality and intensity of your vape device. OXVA’s Uniplus Replacement Vape Coils help to improve flavours and offer a speedy ramp-up time.
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