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Vape Kits UK For Sale

Explore vape kits from the best brands right here. Whether you're looking for beginner or advanced kits, we'll have the device for you.

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  • Aspire Nautilus Prime X Vape Kit

    Aspire Nautilus Prime X Vape Kit

  • Minican Vape Pod Kit by Aspire

    Aspire Minican Vape Pod Kit

  • Aspire VRod 200W Vape Kit Bundle Deal

    Aspire VRod 200W Vape Kit

    £90.96 from£58.99
  • Aspire Onixx Vape Kit Bundle Deal

    Aspire Onixx Vape Kit

    £42.97 from£32.99
  • Aspire Pockex aio Vape Kit by Aspire

    PockeX AIO Vape Kit by Aspire

  • New
    Aspire PockeX AIO Anniversary Edition Vape Kit

    Aspire PockeX AIO Anniversary Edition Vape Kit

  • Aspire K Lite Vape Kit

    Aspire K Lite Vape Kit

  • Blue Aspire Tigon Vape Kit

    Aspire Tigon Vape Kit

    £31.99 from£23.99
  • Aspire Zero G Vape Kit

    Aspire Zero G Vape Kit

    £90.97 from£64.99
  • rose gold nautilus gt vape kit by Aspire\

    Nautilus GT Vape Kit by Aspire

    £54.99 from£44.99
  • Aspire Rover 2 Vape Kit

    Aspire Rover 2 Vape Kit

  • Black Cloud Flask Vape Kit by Aspire

    Aspire Cloud Flask Vape Kit

  • Aspire Nautilus Prime Pod Kit

    Nautilus Prime Pod Kit by Aspire

    £31.99 from£22.99
  • Aspire Deco Vape Kit

    Deco Vape Kit by Aspire

  • BP80 Vape Pod Kit by Aspire

    Aspire BP80 Vape Pod Kit

  • K3 Vape Starter Kit by Aspire

    Aspire K3 Vape Starter Kit

  • New
    Aspire K2 Vape Starter Kit Group

    Aspire K2 Starter Vape Kit


What are the different components that make up a Vape Kit?

All vape kits consist of a drip tip to inhale vapour, a battery unit to power your vaping device’s heating coil, a tank or pod to store youre-liquid in, and a charging cable. However, more advanced kits may not include a built-in battery and a charger.

What are Open and Closed Vape Kits?

Before choosing your first kit, it's useful to familiarise yourself with the two broader categories first: Closed Vape Kits and Open Vape Kits. Closed vape kits feature pre-filled cartridges, while open vape kits have refillable pods which allow you to add your own e-liquids to test different e-liquid strengths and flavours. 

What is Mouth to Lung (MTL) and Direct to Lung (DTL) Vaping?

There are two distinctive inhalation styles in the vaping world, both with their own advantages. If your coil’s resistance range is less than 1.0 Ohm, this is known as a sub ohm or direct to lung coil, while vaping above 1.0 Ohm is referred to as a mouth to lung coil.

The Mouth to Lung (MTL) inhalation method is known to be the best choice among beginner vapers. This is because MTL vaping requires a high resistance coil, offering novice vapers the chance to enjoy improved e-liquid flavour alongside smaller vapor production and even prolonged battery life. In contrast, the Direct to Lung (DTL) method is low resistance and favoured among more experienced vapers for its ability to produce a deep lung hit with impressive large cloud production.

What are the different types of Vape Kits?

  • Vape Starter Vape Kits: Our vape starter kits require no previous experience with vaping, making them ideal for both beginner vapers and those wishing to move away from smoking cigarettes.
  • Pod Style Vape Kits: Lightweight and portable, our vast collection of pod style vape kits provide mouth to lung vaping for both beginners and experts. They can be purchased with either refillable pods for freedom of choice, or pre-filled pods with high levels of nicotine or nic salts to allow users to replicate conventional smoking.
  • Pen Style Vape Kits: Offering mouth to lung vaping, our pen style vape kits are portable and discreet. Despite their size, they offer a multitude of advantages, including customisable features, a built-in-battery, an open system to refill e-liquids, and a user-friendly interface which both fires and turns off the device. 
  • Sub Ohm Vape Kits: Best used for advanced Direct to Lung vaping, our potent sub ohm vape kits offer a refillable system and numerous customizable features, including wattage, voltage, airflow, and temperature control.