Aspire Veynom EX Pod Kit

Aspire Veynom EX Pod Kit

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Aspire Veynom EX Pod Kit

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Aspire Veynom EX Pod Kit
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Aspire Veynom EX Pod Kit
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Aspire Veynom EX Pod Kit

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Aspire Veynom EX Pod Kit
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Aspire Veynom EX Pod Kit

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Aspire Veynom EX Pod Kit

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Aspire Veynom EX Pod Kit
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Aspire Veynom EX Pod Kit
Product Description

Meet the Aspire Veynom EX Pod Kit – a stylish and powerful choice for vapers seeking versatility. Designed to use a single external battery (18650, 20700, or 21700), this kit is convenient and flexible, allowing for easy battery swaps on the go.

With the capacity to deliver up to 100 watts of power, the Veynom EX suits both cloud chasers and flavour enthusiasts. The kit's 2ml and 5ml e-liquid capacity and straightforward top-fill system make it user-friendly and efficient. 

Compatible with BP series coils, the Veynom EX accommodates various vaping styles, from tight MTL draws to open DTL hits. Stand out with customizable LED lights offering six modes for a personalized touch. Navigating settings is a breeze with the 0.96" TFT colour screen displaying essential information.

Featuring diverse output modes like AUTO, WATT, VOLTAGE, BYPASS, TC, and CPS, the Aspire Veynom EX Vape Kit combines functionality with an elegant design for an enhanced and enjoyable vaping experience.

The battery and adapter is not included with the kit. 


  • MTL & RDTL 
  • Single External Battery 
  • 0.96 TFT Colour Screen
  • 1-100 Wattage Output
  • 2ml & 5ml Pod Capacity
  • Screw-to-open Top Fill
  • Rotate to Adjust Airflow
  • BP Series Coil
  • Aspire ASP Chipset

Box Contains: 

  • 1 x Aspire Veynom EX 
  • 1 x USB-C Cable
  • 1 x User Manual 
  • Aspire Veynom EX Kit Specifications: 
  • Weight 172g
  • Height 138.5mm
  • Width 29mm
  • Depth 35mm
Aspire Veynom EX Pod Kit Vape Adjusted Airflow

Adjustable Airflow

 Aspire Veynom EX Pod Kit BP Coil Compatibility

Compatible with BP Series Coils
Aspire Veynom EX Pod Kit Adjustable Lighting Effects
Adjustable Six Lighting Effects
Aspire Veynom EX Pod Kit Colour Screen
Colour Screen


What is an Aspire Veynom EX vape?

Experience the distinctive Aspire Venom EX vape kit, designed for easy usage, portability, and satisfying MTL (mouth-to-lung) vaping. Featuring adjustable airflow control, it provides the flexibility to transition to RDTL (restricted-direct-to-lung) vaping, catering to every vaper's preference

Is the Aspire Veynom EX Vape Kit good?

Impressing with its gratifying throat hit, generous cloud production, extended battery life, and user-friendly design, the device is difficult to criticise. Much like its rivals, the Aspire Venom EX vape kit offers an array of kits catering to both beginners and vaping enthusiasts.

What does Auto Mode in Aspire Veynom EX mean?

Auto mode, designed for new vapers or those seeking a premium vaping experience, operates intelligently. In this mode, the device automatically identifies the coil resistance and displays the default optimal wattage. While the output wattage is adjustable, it cannot exceed the maximum wattage supported by the coil.

What is the best juice for Aspire vape?

Consider choosing 50/50 nicotine salt e-liquids, featuring nicotine concentrations between 5-20mg. These e-liquids offer a consistently smooth throat hit upon inhalation and ensure swift nicotine absorption, enhancing the efficiency of your vaping experience.

How long do Aspire coils last?

Aspire are known for their lasting coil longevity. When using a 0.6ohm coil specifically, you should experience maximum performance for around a week before it requires replacement. On the other hand, coils with higher resistance, like the 1.2ohm and certain Aspire Nautilus coils, tend to have a longer lifespan – potentially lasting up to four weeks with appropriate maintenance.

Is Aspire a Chinese company?

Established in 2010, Aspire has become a globally recognised Chinese brand in the vaping industry, distributing its products across 30 countries. Aspire quickly became a notable force in the vaping sector, being credited with pioneering the sub-ohm vaping trend and heralded for its dedication to offering inventive solutions within the industry.

How many puffs should a coil last?

Coils are generally designed to last from a few hundred to several thousand puffs before needing replacement. However, the lifespan can significantly vary depending on factors such as coil type, wattage settings, e-liquid composition, and your unique vaping habits.

How do you know when a Veynom EX vape is charged?

Upon connecting the Veynom EX to the charging cable, the screen will exhibit a battery icon in the process of charging. Once fully charged, the battery icon will display as full, and the screen will remain active for 10 seconds before automatically shutting off.

Do pods last longer than coils?

Aspire is known for its top-notch coils that, with proper care, typically endure for 3 to 4 weeks. In contrast, replaceable vape coils generally last about 1 to 2 weeks, while pods with integrated coils often require replacement after a week. It's essential to note that measuring coil lifespan by time may not be entirely accurate, as individual vaping habits vary widely.

Do vape pods go stale?

When the e-liquid pod is unsealed, oxidation may commence, potentially affecting the flavour and nicotine content. Indicators of degraded e-liquid include a shift to a brown hue, reduced flavour, or a noticeable deviation from your accustomed vaping experience.

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