Aspire Gotek Pro Pod Kit

Aspire Gotek Pro Pod Kit

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Aspire Gotek Pro Pod Kit
Gun Metal

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Aspire Gotek Pro Pod Kit
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Aspire Gotek Pro Pod Kit
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Aspire Gotek Pro Pod Kit

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Aspire Gotek Pro Pod Kit
Product Description

The Aspire Gotek Pro Vape Kit emerges as a superior choice for those seeking a sleek and efficient vaping device. Crafted with a tough yet sophisticated metal finish, this compact kit takes the classic Gotek matchbox-style pod design and houses a robust 1500 mAh battery, ensuring worry-free use throughout the week. Enhanced by its user-friendly draw-activated feature, the Gotek Pro allows for discreet, cigarette-like vapour production without the hassle of pressing buttons. Its clear e-liquid window adds a layer of convenience, letting users easily monitor their e-liquid levels without needing to disassemble the pod kit.

Designed for versatility, the Gotek Pro caters to both MTL and RDTL vaping styles. Its low power output range of 10-13W is perfect for MTL vaping, while the adjustable airflow control at the bottom of the device enables smooth RDTL-style inhales. The incorporation of Aspire's advanced ASP Chipset in the device guarantees a safe vaping experience, offering protection against overcharging and short circuits. The device also features a smart LED indicator, allowing for effective usage control.

The kit enhances the overall vaping experience with its 2ml refillable pods equipped with mesh coils and a convenient side filling system. These pods, combined with the innovative inhale activation technology, make every session satisfying. For added convenience, the kit includes a lanyard holder, ensuring the Gotek Pro is always within reach. Available in four elegant metal finish colours, this vape kit not only performs exceptionally but also aligns with the aesthetic preferences of modern users.



Box Contains: 

  • 1 x Gotek Pro Device
  • 1 x Gotek Pro 0.8 Ohm Refillable Pod
  • 1 x USB-C Cable
  • 1 x User Manual 

Aspire Gotek Pro Pod Kit Specifications: 

  •  Weight 52g
  •  Height 81.5mm
  •  Width 19.8mm
  •  Depth 43.6mm

Aspire Gotek Pro Clear Eliquid Window

Clear E-Liquid Window

Aspire Gotek Pro Refillable Pods

Refillable Pods

Aspire Gotek Pro Battery Capacity

Battery Capacity

Aspire Gotek Pro Adjustable Airflow

Adjustable Airflow


What is a Gotek vape?

The Aspire Gotek X stands out as a one-of-a-kind vape kit, crafted for effortless use, convenient portability, and deeply enjoyable MTL (mouth-to-lung) vaping experiences. With adjustable airflow control, it offers the versatility to switch to RDTL (restricted-direct-to-lung) vaping so as to cater to every vapers preference.

Is the Gotek Aspire pod any good?

The Aspire Gotek X Pod System is a game-changer in the pod world, offering an easy yet advanced experience for both beginners and veteran vapers. It's a delightful mix of simplicity, performance, and style – a true gem of any vape collection.

Is the Aspire vape pen any good?

The Aspire Pockex impresses with its satisfying throat hit, ample cloud production, extended battery life, and user-friendly design. It's hard to find fault with this device. It's a strong contender, much like its rivals, offering a range of kits suited for both former smokers and vaping enthusiasts.

How long do Gotek coils last?

The Gotek Pod Coils are incredibly durable, delivering exceptional flavour and airflow. Typically, each coil remains effective for 2-3 weeks before needing replacement. Aspire's reputation for producing revolutionary coils means you can trust these to consistently perform well throughout the month.

How long does a Gotek battery last?

The battery life of the Aspire Gotek Pro Pod Kit is quite impressive, lasting up to 2 days on just a single charge. This makes it an excellent choice for MTL vapers on-the-go. Its 1500mAh battery ensures that it keeps up with your vaping needs without constant recharging. Additionally, this beginner-friendly vape comes with inhale activation, adjustable airflow, and a simple no-button interface, making it the perfect starter kit.

How long do aspire pods last?

The lifespan of the pod in your Aspire device typically ranges from 5 days to 2 weeks. It's crucial to note that priming your coil is essential for longevity. This involves filling the pod and letting the e-liquid absorb into the coil prior to vaping, which helps avoid early burnout of the coil.

What is the best juice for aspire vape?

We suggest opting for 50/50 nicotine salt e-liquids, with nicotine concentrations ranging from 5-20mg. These e-liquids are ideal for a consistently smooth throat hit upon inhalation, and they also ensure rapid nicotine absorption for an efficient vaping experience.

How long do aspire coils last?

Aspire are known for their lasting coil longevity. When using a 0.6ohm coil specifically, you should experience maximum performance for around a week before it requires replacement. On the other hand, coils with higher resistance, like the 1.2ohm and certain Aspire Nautilus coils, tend to have a longer lifespan – potentially lasting up to four weeks with appropriate maintenance.

Is Aspire a Chinese company?

Established in 2010, Aspire has become a globally recognised Chinese brand in the vaping industry, distributing its products across 30 countries. Aspire quickly became a notable force in the vaping sector, being credited with pioneering the sub-ohm vaping trend and heralded for its dedication to offering inventive solutions within the industry.

How long do Gotek pods last?

These pods are fantastic, delivering excellent flavoUr and airflow, and the best part is they last 2-3 weeks before needing a replacement. To extend the coil's life, it's key to let the e-liquid soak in before the initial use, use e-liquid with the right VG:PG ratio, and ensure the pod is consistently filled. With proper maintenance, the pods can easily last several days before requiring a change.

How does Aspire Gotek work?

The Aspire Gotek X features a draw-activated mechanism, allowing you to effortlessly produce vapour by just inhaling through the mouthpiece. Equipped with a Type-C charging port, the Gotek kit ensures quick recharging, so you'll be back to vaping swiftly when your battery depletes.

How many puffs should a coil last?

Typically, coils are engineered to endure anywhere from several hundred to a few thousand puffs before requiring replacement. However, this can vary widely based on factors like the coil type, wattage settings, e-liquid ingredients, and your individual vaping style.

Why is my aspire Gotek not working?

Ensure that all components, especially the coil, are securely fastened, as a loose connection can lead to issues. Additionally, maintaining a full tank of e-liquid is crucial, as a low level means there's nothing to draw into the coil for vapour production. Moreover, if the battery voltage falls below 3.3V, your Gotek X won't operate, and the LED light will blink white 10 times as a reminder to recharge your device.

How do you know when a Gotek vape is charged?

When the Gotek X is fully charged, the LED light will flash white 20 times and the battery will stop charging automatically. The Aspire Gotek X Pro pod kit features a 650mAh internal battery, enough to last most vapers a full day of use and can be charged via fast Type-C charging in less than an hour.

Do vape pods go bad?

Once the Gotek X is completely charged, the LED light will blink white 20 times, and the charging will cease automatically. The Aspire Gotek X Pro pod kit is equipped with a 650mAh internal battery, typically sufficient for a full day's use for most vapers. Additionally, it can be quickly recharged in under an hour using fast Type-C charging.

Do pods last longer than coils?

Aspire are renowned for their high-quality coils, which typically last 3 to 4 weeks with proper maintenance. Generally, replaceable vape coils have a longer lifespan, lasting about 1 to 2 weeks. Pods with integrated coils usually need replacing after a week. However, measuring by time isn't the most accurate, as vaping habits vary greatly from person to person.

Do vape pods go stale?

If the e-liquid pod is unsealed, it could begin to oxidise. This oxidation process can alter both the flavour and nicotine level of the pod. Signs that your e-liquid has degraded include a change to a brown colour, diminished flavour, or a noticeable difference in the vaping experience you're accustomed to.

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