Salt Nicotine Eliquids

Salt nicotine e-liquids, or nic salts, are e-liquids that contain a salt form of nicotine known as nicotine salicylate. This salt nicotine is far more similar to the natural nicotine found in the tobacco leaf and results in a different vape sensation. Nic salts typically have a much smoother throat hit of nicotine, even in stronger concentrations; many think this results in a tastier vape experience! 

Nic salts are a relatively new development in e-liquids, but there are still plenty of flavours available. Many of the best brands are working flat-out to provide delicious nic salt variations of their flavours, so now is an exciting time to get into nicotine salts. 

Most nic salts are available in 50/50 PG:VG ratio which is ideal for pen and pod style vape kits. Because they work so well with these devices and their nicotine content, nic salts are a great way to switch from smoking to vaping.

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