Lost Vape

Lost Vape have been setting high standards since their initial launch in 2014, having released a number of outstanding award-winning products that have become widely recognised in the vaping community.

This brand combines unique high-end designs with robust operative features for a reliable vaping experience every time, no matter which products you choose. From state-of-the-art accessories to high-flying kits, lose yourself in the best of what vaping tech has to offer with Lost Vape!

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Where are Lost Vape products manufactured?

Lost Vape is a Chinese vape brand manufactured in the technologically advanced city of Shenzhen. This brand was established while vaping was still in its infancy, and has evolved accordingly as technology has improved.

Which is the best Lost Vape vape kit?

Lost Vape has a variety of popular kits that vapers continue to keep by their side. If you’re a vaping newcomer, we recommend starting off with their compact pod kits first, such as the Ursa Mini kit or the Nano kit. Lost Vape’s best-selling kits for advanced vapers include the Grus, Thelema and Thelema Quest.

How long do Lost Vape replacement coils last?

Lost Vape replacement coils will usually last around one to two weeks depending on your usage. If you’re a regular vaper, it’s recommended to buy multiple packs of replacement coils to stay stocked up.

Who is Lost Vape suitable for?

Lost Vape has designed kits for both beginner and experienced users. This brand has a super selection of both MTL and DTL options available to suit your requirements, no matter how you prefer to vape.