Sinowatt Batteries

Sinowatt batteries are fully rechargeable and offer a 3000mAh nominal capacity alongside a continuous discharge rate of 15A.

Intended for use with regulated mods with built-in safety features, these rechargeable batteries can last up to approximately 300-500 charging cycles which is the equivalent to a 12-18 month overall lifespan.

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Which vape kits are suitable for Sinowatt batteries?

Sinowatt batteries can be used with regulated vape mods that have built-in safety protections.

Can Sinowatt batteries be recycled?

Yes, Sinowatt batteries can be recycled. Once your battery has reached the end of its life, simply take it to a battery recycling point which you should be able to find at your local supermarket. Never dispose of batteries in your household waste.

Which plug or charger should I use to power up my Sinowatt batteries?

At, we have a superb collection of external battery chargers. If you would prefer to charge your batteries through your mod, we best recommend using a 1/2A plug. For maximum safety, it is important to always use the correct plug/charger to power up your vape batteries. It is also vital to never leave your batteries charging while left unattended, even if your device or charger has built-in safety features.