What are Nic Salts and Should I be Using Them?

Nic Salt E-liquids Range

If you’re new to e-liquids, you might think that all vape juices are created equal, but that’s not the case. There are so many different crazy vape flavours and unusual vape liquids out there for you to try, which is half of the fun of vaping!

Still, there are some crucial categories that it helps to get your head around: 10ml, nic salts, 50/50 and shortfill e-liquids (especially since that’s how we divide up the e-liquids on our website!). In this guide, we’re going to cover all you need to know about nic salts and explain why they’re often seen as the veteran’s vapour juice of choice. 

What are e-liquids?

For a quick recap, in case you’re a bit confused about what an e-liquid actually is, let’s break it down. Essentially, an e-liquid, otherwise known as a vape juice, vapour liquid, or e-juice, offers an alternative to smoking. Instead of the thousands of chemicals found in tobacco, you simply inhale nicotine vapour, which is usually blended with a vape flavour of your choice. 

They’re typically simple formulations to ensure as clean a vaping process as possible. They contain nicotine, water, flavourings, and two liquids known as PG/VG which dictate the cloud size and vape flavour intensity when you’re vaping. So how does a nic salt differ?

Six Licks Nic Salts

What are nic salts?

Nic salts might sound like something you’d put on your dinner, but they’re actually very similar in appearance to other e-liquids. That’s because their name doesn’t derive from the consistency, but instead from a specific form of nicotine found in tobacco leaves, known as nicotine salts. 

The nicotine usually found in e-liquids is known as freebase nicotine. This is the form of nicotine you’ll have encountered in cigarettes since the 1960s. Here, freebase just means the nicotine has been processed into its purest form, having been adjusted to have a higher pH level, and a quicker absorption rate. 

Nicotine salt, on the other hand, is made by simply extracting natural nicotine from tobacco in its purest form: a crystalline salt. This is blended with benzoic acid so it can be vaped at a lower temperature, and voila! Nice and natural, though it’s this blend with benzoic acid that’s the key.

Nicotine salt vs. freebase nicotine

So, if freebase nicotine normally has a faster absorption rate to key nicotine receptors, why would you want to vape an e-liquid with a nicotine salt? First of all, the benzoic acid used means that the nicotine’s absorption rate is pretty close to freebase nicotine. Plus, due to its lower pH level, and it’s lower vaporisation temperature, it provides a much cleaner vaping experience.

This means there’s a smoother throat hit, making it easier to vape higher nicotine levels in your liquid vapour. For people who struggle with the harsh nicotine inhale at higher concentrations, nic salts offer a vaping experience at its finest! It also means that your e-liquids should last longer, since each hit can pack way more nicotine in, and because nicotine is more stable in its salt state, resulting in a longer shelf life for you e-juice. 

There are some drawbacks though. Even though it lasts longer, the cost of your vape liquid is generally higher, meaning there’s an obvious tradeoff there. On top of that, some people prefer the sensation provided by freebase nicotine liquid vapour. In this instance, it’s really a matter of preference, but it’s well worth experimenting with different e-cigarette liquids! 

Person Vaping Nic Salts

4 reasons to vape Nic Salts

This is what you’re here to find out, and we’re here to break it down for you. We can’t get enough of nic salts, so we’ve spent a long time thinking about why they’re so fantastic to vape. Let’s run through the top four reasons why you should try vaping nic salts!

1. Smooth throat hit

A smooth throat hit is one of the major benefits of vaping nic salts that many people rave about, and with good reason! Thanks to the lower alkalinity as a result of the benzoic acid, you can vape nic salts for way longer without the harsh hit at the back of your throat. 

2. Fast absorbing

Due to the way that nic salts are made, the nicotine is absorbed much more efficiently by your body. In fact, it’s much more similar to the way in which nicotine is absorbed when smoking cigarettes, which is why nic salts are so popular with ex-smokers. 

3. Higher concentrations

Part of the benefit of having a smoother throat hit with nic salts is that these e-liquids can be vaped at much higher concentrations than normal e-liquids.

4. Allows you to use less e-liquids 

A knock-on effect of all of the above is that you’ll end up using less e-liquids as well! Since you can vape at higher concentrations and the nicotine absorbs much more effectively, you’ll find yourself using less vape juice week-to-week, and saving yourself some cash in the process!

What vape device should I use with Nic Salts?

Since nic salts work so well at lower temperatures, you’ll typically see nic salts being used with mouth-to-lung devices. This is another appeal to people who want to buy an e-liquid and run with it straight away, since these are typically simple pod devices that are pick-up and go.