5mg Eliquid

5mg e-liquids are recommended for vapers who previously considered themselves as light smokers, which is equal to smoking 1 to 5 cigarettes per day. Converting to 0.5% in nicotine content, these e-liquids perform superbly alongside all types of vape devices, and are able to provide a mild throat hit with a satisfying level of flavour. As a general guideline in the world of vaping, the weaker the e-liquid, the lower the nicotine delivery and throat hit will be.

Browse our 5mg e-liquid collection and you’ll be able to find tongue-tantalising blends suitable for all palates. We stock varying types of 5mg e-liquids from approved brands loved by the industry and wider vaping community, including nicotine salts and hybrid vape juices. With so many choices, you’ll never run out of delicious 5mg e-liquid flavours to try! If you’re unsure on which e-liquid strength is best for you, we recommend reading our in-depth beginner’s guide to vaping nicotine here.

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