Kiwi Eliquids

Kiwi flavoured e-liquid is a popular flavour among both vapers and vape brands. Kiwi has an unmistakable flavour that brings a sweet, sour and even a little bitter freshness to anything it's added to. Whatever e-liquid kiwi is in, you’ll notice. This fantastically unique flavour offers everything you could want in a fruit vape.


Many favour kiwi as an all-day flavour due to it having a mellow taste with many stages of flavour. It's easy on the palette, but is always satisfying. There are plenty of kiwi vape juices to choose from, all with unique tastes. 


Kiwi is great in both high VG and high PG vape liquids. It’s subtle and easy to vape flavour is ideal for new vapers, and we recommend trying kiwi if you’ve just switched over from smoking and don’t want a flavour that's too boisterous.

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