Molicel Batteries

Molicel has been an industry-leading battery brand for more than 40 years. Established in 1987, Molicel provides newer, safer and more energy efficient batteries that cater to a modern generation of vapers. These batteries are suitable for use in any vape device that requires a removable battery.

Molicel batteries provide at least a full day’s worth of power, and just like any other battery, they can be recycled once they have depleted.

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Why choose Molicel vape batteries?

With industry knowledge that spans decades, it’s no surprise that many vapers have trust in Molicel batteries. They are experts in their field and renowned for being one of the best providers of batteries.

Which vape kits can use Molicel batteries?

You can use Molicel batteries with any device that requires a removable battery. If you’re a regular vaper, we recommend always keeping spare batteries on hand ready for whenever you need them.

Where are Molicel batteries manufactured?

Molicel batteries are manufactured in Tainan, Taiwan. However, they also operate in Canada too. Moli Energy is the main brand behind Molicel, which was established a decade prior to Molicel being distributed to the market.