Free Base Nicotine E-liquids

Free base nicotine e-liquids are simply an e-liquid that contains a dilute nicotine solution. Because of the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) in the UK, these liquids can only be sold in sizes up to 10ml as they contain nicotine. Because of their nicotine content, these e-liquids are brilliant for those quitting smoking with vaping.

The amount of nicotine in each liquid varies between products. This is great for vapers, as it means you can select a nicotine level you are comfortable with, from 20mg all the way down to 3mg.

Free base nicotine e-liquids are available in a range of flavours and their small quantity means they are ideal for trying out different liquids. Most free base nicotine e-liquids come in 50/50 PG:VG ratio, making them ideal for compact vape devices like pen or pod style kits

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