Sweets Eliquids

Sweet flavoured e-liquids are exactly what they sound like: e-liquids flavoured like sweets! Recreating the famous sweets from our childhood (and often adulthood) has proven to be a big hit with vapers. Indeed, these sugary tasting treats offer all of the sweet flavour with any of the calories!

The variety of sweet flavours is as broad and varied as their confectionary counterparts. For fruit lovers there are classics like blue raspberry and Fruit Salad; for others you can find cola bottles, Blackjacks and more. There are even classics such as spearmint for a sugary spin on cooling menthol.

Sweets work well in any form of e-liquid, high PG or high VG. We love using these e-liquids to break up the routine and shake up our all-day vapes. Sweet flavours are also a fantastic gift for that special someone who vapes - after all, what could be more kitsch than a Tutti Frutti vape juice!

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