Candy Eliquids

Candy e-liquids, or Sweets e-liquids, are the perfect choice for any vaper with a sweet tooth or those wanting to take a trip down memory lane! In e-liquids, most candy and sweets flavour profiles are applied in fruit or dessert blends, making them powerful additions to what are already rich and satisfying fusions.

Many vapers would agree that the options for Candy and Sweets flavoured e-liquids are infinite - no two flavours are the same! As one of the most popular e-liquid flavour groups to try, you’ll be able to find candy and sweet blends in a variety of different high PG and high VG mix ratios. Similar to most e-liquid flavours, different wattages and temperatures are able to compliment certain blends more than others. Sharper flavours such as sour candy are best enjoyed with a low wattage device, whereas sweet, punchier flavours are emphasised with high wattages.

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