Learn about vape pods and pod kits.

Everything You Need To Know About Vape Pods And Pod Vaping Kits

If you’re familiar with vaping already, then you may know much about vape pods and pod vape kits. They’re one of the most popular amongst the vaping crowd for their ease of use, meaning beginners to advanced users are able to benefit from these devices greatly.

They may look a little complicated to those who’ve never vaped before, but they’re certainly a good choice for those who may need a starting point for vaping products.

In this guide, you’ll learn everything there is to know about vape pods and pod vaping kits. From what they are, how they work, and their benefits. By the end of this article, you’ll be fully clued up on these sought-after vape devices.

What is a vape pod kit?

A vape pod kit is an easy-to-use vape device that’s made up of two elements, a pod, and a rechargeable device. The pod is a part of the device that’s removable and come wither pre-filled with liquid or can be filled with a vape juice of your choice.

When attached to the battery device, the e-liquid is heated up and converted by the atomiser/coil that turns it into vapour. 

Pod kits have become increasingly popular, having filled what may have been lacking in the vape marketing prior. They’re a great device for those looking to quit smoking with vaping and needing something that provides a more satisfying experience.

With a pod kit, you don’t need to worry about having an understanding of how vapes work and neither do these kits require a great deal of maintenance. It’s a simple design and the only concerns for you, the user, are to recharge and replace the pod where necessary.

Vape pod kits are great for being compact and ideal for those commuting to and from work. They require less power but have reliable batteries, many providing a full day’s vaping once charged.

What is MTL vaping?

When looking at pod kits and pods, you may see the phrases MTL and DTL mentioned. These are the two types of vaping style, here are the definitions of both:

  • MTL (Mouth-to-lung vaping) - Inhaling vapour into the mouth and breathing deeply into the lungs. These kits use higher PG e-liquids in a 50/50 ratio, such as nic salts.
  • DTL (Direct-to-lung vaping) - Inhaling vapour straight into the lungs. DTL pod kits make use of high VG e-liquids in a 70:30 ratio or more, such as in shortfills.

With these vape pods and pod vaping kits, MTL vaping is the vaping style most commonly provided. It’s one of the most popular types of vape styles and is the same approach that you take when smoking cigarettes. DTL vape pod kits are also available for more advanced vapers looking to to create more vapour and bigger flavours.

As mentioned above, the different types of vaping require different kinds of e-liquids. The different types of e-liquids are easy to understand, but are critical in getting the best from your pod vape kit.

What you’ll find in a vape pod

Despite not needing to know the ins and outs of these devices to use them successfully, what would you find in a vape pod?

As mentioned already, you’ve got two components within the kit itself. This is the pod or otherwise referred to as the vape pod and the battery. The pod contains the e-liquid, the vape coil, and a wick. These are integral to the vape device because they are what’s needed to produce a satisfying vapour and taste.

The battery is an internal battery within the shell of the device, with also comes with a regulating chip. This regulating chip regulates the wattage flowing through the device and in some cases, it allows users to control the temperature that’s heating the e-liquid.

How does a vape pod kit work?

Let’s dive a little deeper into the vape pod kit and how it works. If you’re a vape user who is interested in vaping beyond the surface level, it’s helpful to learn how these devices work.

Pod vapes aren’t too dissimilar from other vape kits. For the vape to work, the battery activates and heats up the e-liquid within the device.

The wick is soaked in the e-liquid and the coil is the element that heats up and transforms the liquid into vapour. The coil converts the power supplied by the battery into heat, hence the importance of both within the device.

As the e-liquid is heated and vaporised, the wick continues to absorb more e-liquid until there’s none left. Once that e-liquid has gone, it’s time to refill or replace the pod.

The benefits of vape pod kits 

What are some of the benefits that come with vape pod kits? Why buy these devices over all of the other options on the market? Here are four benefits of vape pod kits that will convince you they’re the best option for your vape experience.

Pod kits are easy to use.

Pod kits are easy to use and they often come with one button in order to activate the device. Some pod kits don’t even have the button and are draw-activated instead, meaning you just inhale on the mouthpiece and away you go.

Small and compact for travel.

With the vape pod kits, they’re typically on the smaller side and therefore a lot easier to pack away in your luggage when travelling or in your back pocket when on the morning commute.

Less maintenance is required.

If you’re looking for a device that offers very little maintenance on your part, then these kits are definitely worthwhile options. Other than refilling the pods, which can be simply replaced with a pre-filled pod, you’ll only need to worry about recharging the device and topping up the e-liquid when required.

More affordable than other vape devices.

One of the biggest benefits of these vape kits is that they’re more affordable than other devices on the market. Typically, a vape pod kit is around £15 and under. There are some great bargains to be had with these devices.


How long do vape pod kits last?

The length of which vape pod kits last will depend on how much and how often you vape. For some, that might be a few days, for others up to and over a week.

Can I use any e-liquid within the vape pods?

Most vape pods are designed to cater to high PG levels within the e-liquid, focusing on the intensity of flavour, rather than the large vapour cloud production.

Are there any downsides to vape pod kits?

If you’re someone who loves creating big clouds, these vape pod kits might not be for you. You may also find the devices limiting if you enjoy controlling various elements of the vape, such as airflow and temperature control to name but a few.