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The Importance Of Quitting Smoking, And How To Do It

If there's one constant piece of health advice you’re likely to hear, it’s to not smoke.

Yet, according to reports from 2020, 12.1% of the adult population in the UK still do. It’s one of life’s great mysteries as to why so many of us still smoke, but the good news is that if you want to quit, we’ve got a solution: vaping!

A 2021 report from Action on Smoking And Health revealed that there are now over 3.6 million people in the UK using e-cigarettes, with 64.6% of this figure being ex-smokers, and 30.5% both smoking and vaping at the same time. Less than 1% of those who have never smoked are currently vaping, which only amounts to 4.9% of vapers in this overall figure. 

Over the course of this blog, we’re going to run through all of the negative ways that smoking can impact your health, and then address how switching to vaping could potentially change your life.

Quitting Advice From Our Team

A lot of the team here at have been heavy smokers in the past, but many of us have managed to quit thanks to the alternative route offered by e-liquids.

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Reasons Why You Should Quit Smoking

If you feel that you’ve already accepted the negative role that smoking has in your life and are ready to learn about the alternative, then you can move onto the next section.

 Still, we find that it helps to face the toll of smoking head on so you can bear it in mind each time you get a craving.

The NHS estimates that there are around 78,000 deaths each year attributed to smoking. That’s a hard fact to face, but think about it for a second. Realistically, this number is likely to be far higher when you take into account all of the damage that smoking can do over the years to your body. 

There’s no doubt that you know this already, but it’s important to think about that figure as not just a statistic, but a sad truth. Giving up smoking is far from an easy feat, but with the right understanding and tools in hand, we can all bring that devastating number down. 

Still not convinced? We have a whole guide dedicated to why smoking is one of the worst habits you can have for your health

What Are E-liquids?

They're the smartest (and tastiest) alternative to smoking.

Over 50% of current vapers have completely given up smoking, with the rest having either moderately or vastly cut down. But what are e-liquids?

E-liquids are much simpler formulations than tobacco, with far less chemical nasties. They’re basically just nicotine, water vapour, and a blend of two compounds known as PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerine), both of which are FDA-approved and common ingredients in food. These last two lead to the thicker vapour.

Nicotine is the primary addictive substance taken in when smoking, which is why e-liquids reduce everything down to just that. That means no tar, no hydrogen cyanide, or any of the 7,000 other chemicals you inhale in each cigarette. Sounds good right?

The lack of horrible chemicals is one of the major reasons for making the switch from smoking to vapour, but it doesn’t stop there!  Here’s five great reasons to bear in mind so you know exactly why you should vape instead.

The Benefits Of Vaping Compared To Smoking

1. There's No Nasty Smells

This might seem like a frivolous one to start with, but it’s a biggie! A lot of smokers don’t actually realise how strong the smell is, and how much it sticks to you and your clothing. Thankfully, vaping is odourless. 

That means no bad breath, no clothes constantly smelling of smoke, no upturned noses when you come back into the office from a smoke break, and no ruined furniture. You might even notice your own sense of smell coming back!

2. Vaping Is Cheaper

For a lot of smokers, buying cigarettes is something they do without thinking, but it can often amount to £20+ a week, even if you’re a lighter smoker. Thankfully vaping generally works out much, much cheaper.

That doesn’t mean it’s free of course, but on average someone who vapes will spend £500+ less a year on their habit (though everyone differs). There’s a lot you could do with that sort of cash!

3. There's no changes to your physical appearance

People often consider the impact smoking has on their health and lifespan, but don’t stop and recognise the far more present impacts it has on their appearance. Looking after yourself and quitting smoking can have many benefits.

Whether it’s yellow skin on your fingers, an increased chance of blackened teeth, or even thinning hair, smoking has tangible effects on nearly every aspect of how you look. That’s why vaping can also be a big boost to confidence.

4. Your Friends And Family Will Thank You For It 

Another aspect to consider is the impact of smoking on those close to you. Not only does passive smoking put their own health at risk, but people naturally worry about anyone who smokes and the impact it might have on them.

Vaping shows those around you that you’re putting an emphasis on your own path towards quitting smoking. There’s also much lower risks associated with second-hand vapour inhalation, especially since it dissipates faster. Plus, they won’t have to smell you coming from a mile away!

5. There's Far Fewer Chemicals

We started off with this one, but we really have to emphasise it again—vaping contains so many less harmful chemicals! Even if vaping carries some minor health risks due to the dangers of nicotine, it’s still many magnitudes better for you than smoking. 

To put your mind at rest we’d recommend doing your own research, and tracking down studies on why smoking is demonstrably more harmful than vaping. The best solution is to always quit outright, but for those looking for a hobby, vape liquids are a very viable alternative

Next Steps

Taking that first step from deciding you want to vape to actually buying e-liquids can be tricky. That’s why we’re here to help.

Looking for vape hardware? We’d recommend the best Mouth-to-Lung device in the game which you'll be able to find here. Already got a device and looking for e-liquids? Let’s break that down for you quickly. 

The core options you have are nic salts, 50/50s and shortfill e-liquids. If you're a complete beginner, nic salts are the best entry point as they provide the fastest nicotine delivery alongside smooth throat hits, clear flavours, and discreet vapour.

Still stuck on where to start? Our fully-fledged team of vape professionals is here to help! At, we're not only vape enthusiasts, but also experts who are happy to provide extra support should you need it. If you have any questions about vaping or about your order, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via our contact page here.

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