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Everything You Need to Know About Legal Big Puffs

The Meteoric Rise of Vaping

In the past few years, vaping, simply put, has become a phenomenon. First introduced as a smoking cessation method, it has now become a daily activity enjoyed by an estimated 4.5 million users in the United Kingdom. Bear in mind these figures are from 2022, and with vaping only becoming more common, this figure will continue to rise in the coming years.

The most popular vaping devices tend to be the disposables. Disposable vapes offer a range of benefits, making them a popular choice among both novice and experienced vapers. One of the primary advantages is their convenience. These devices come pre-filled with e-liquid and are ready to use straight out of the box, eliminating the need for messy refills or complicated setups.

The dynamic of the vape industry is continually evolving, and new disposable devices are introduced seemingly each year. The latest disposable pod kit which has captured the intrigue of vapers nationwide are the Legal Big Puffs.

So, What Are Legal Big Puffs?

Legal Big Puffs are the biggest disposable vape devices available in the UK, delivering up to 5,000 puffs. They are designed for single use, meaning once the e-liquid or battery is depleted, the entire device is disposed of. This eliminates the need for refilling e-liquids or recharging batteries, providing a hassle-free vaping experience.

Unlike other disposables of a similar nature, the Legal Big Puffs last much longer, exceeding the limit of any other disposable pod kit. However, in the UK, any vape that can hold more than 2ml of e-liquid (approximately 600 puffs) is said to contain an illegal amount of nicotine. Which begs the question, are Legal Big Puffs safe?

Features of Legal Big Puffs

In order to discover whether Legal Big Puffs are safe, it's important to be aware of the contents of each device. The key features of most Big Puff devices are as follows:

  1. Mesh coil
  2. Type-C USB charging
  3. 1800 mAh battery
  4. Four flavour pods
  5. TPD legal 2600+ puffs
  6. Rechargeable disposable
  7. Revolve mechanic
  8. 20mg strength
  9. Legal Big Puff capabilities

Such is the makeup of the big puff disposable pod kits, they are completely TPD-compliant, safe and of course, legal to use. If you are considering taking up vaping as an alternative to smoking, it is worth remembering that vaping is substantially safer than cigarettes.

When asked about the safety of vaping in comparison to cigarettes, Prof. Caitlin Notley, Professor of Addiction Sciences from Norwich Medical School, said:

“The latest evidence review confirms that vaping is substantially less harmful than continuing to smoke tobacco. Reassuringly, the evidence shows that people who switch away from smoking to vaping are exposed to fewer toxic chemicals that may cause disease in later life.”

With the rise in popularity of the Big Puffs, you now have a cost-effective, more enjoyable way to swap out smoking traditional cigarettes. On average, a UK full-time smoker spends about £93 per week on cigarettes. Big Puffs are available for as low as £12.99 and last much longer. Meaning you could save some serious money in the long run.

Let’s take a look at why the Big Puffs are dominating the vape market:

More puffs/ higher inhalation count: These devices are designed to offer the user more puffs, ensuring a longer lasting vaping experience. This is especially handy when experimenting with new flavours.

Pre-Filled E-Liquids: They come pre-filled with a variety of e-liquid flavours, catering to different taste preferences. No matter your pallet, you will find a flavour that you enjoy and will consistently use.

Nicotine Content: Legal Big Puffs typically contain nicotine, although nicotine-free options are available. The nicotine strength can vary, allowing users to choose based on their preferences.

Compact and Portable: Their small size makes them easy to carry, ideal for on-the-go vaping. 

Ease of Use: Essentially, it is as simple as inhaling to activate the device, making it straightforward for anyone to use.

The Importance of TPD Compliance

Firstly, TPD stands for The Tobacco Products Directive. Any importer or manufacturer of e-cigarettes must adhere to TPD regulations before being sold legally in the EU. New products must comply with requirements in relation to their design. This includes, bottle size, tank size and child-resistant technology. 

TPD are extremely strict in regards to packaging. For instance, every e-cigarette sold must have hazard warnings on the box as well as precautions for any potential users. Any company that sells vaping devices must register with the appropriate authorities before selling via the internet.

In the event that a company is found to be selling vapes illegally, they could find themselves fined, sanctioned, and in worse cases, staring at a prison sentence. This is due to the fact that not only are they breaking the law in regards to their business conduct, they could also be putting the lives of thousands in danger. 

Before buying a vape, it is worth checking if the product you are about to purchase is indeed TPD compliant.

The Importance of Rechargeable Disposable Vapes

There was a time where a disposable vape was just that, disposable. Once finished, you could only recycle it and proceed to buy another device. But now with the introduction of rechargeable disposables, vaping has never been more convenient.

Rechargeable vaping devices offer several benefits, including cost-effectiveness and environmental friendliness. Unlike traditional disposables, they can be used repeatedly by recharging the battery and refilling the e-liquid, reducing long-term costs and waste. These devices often provide more customisation options, allowing users to adjust settings like wattage and airflow to tailor their vaping experience. They also generally deliver more consistent performance and quality vapour production.

Puff Counts, Are They Important?

Simply put, yes. The fact that puff counts can indeed be subjective cannot be ignored. But it doesn’t diminish the importance of having an accurate puff count, particularly because it is a statistic that is only beneficial for the user. 

Puff count refers to the number of puffs or inhalations a user can expect from a disposable vape before it runs out of e-liquid and battery life. This count can range from as low as 200 puffs to over 3,000 puffs in higher-capacity models.

A lot of vapers have different preferences, there is no one-size-fits-all method to entice vapers from all backgrounds. With this in mind, puff count is vital. For new vapers, they will naturally go for a lower puff count, so they can test the waters and find out just how much vaping they can do within their own comfort zone. More experienced vapers will require a device with a higher puff count, they are likely to puff a lot more than new users and so will need a device to reflect that.

The versatility of disposable vapes are a reason why they have become a staple in so many lives, puff count plays a significant role in that.

The Popularity and Growth of Vaping in the UK

In January 2024, the UK government announced a ban on disposable vapes. Without getting into the specifics of this announcement, there is one particular takeaway from it which cannot be denied. The popularity of vaping is gargantuan - so much so the leaders of this country felt compelled to address it in one way or another.

In a study conducted by Action on Smoking and Health (ASH), it was reported that 11% of adults in Britain are indeed e-cigarette users. This number has grown year on year since the introduction of vaping and shows no signs of slowing down. Instead of quitting a habit that has possibly been in effect for years, making a safer switch is seen as an encouraging alternative.

A huge factor in addiction to cigarettes is the nicotine content, so tapering your nicotine intake can be a huge step towards a healthier future. This is where vaping can be seen has a viable consolation when making the decision to give up smoking traditional cigarettes.

The Importance of a Nicotine Alternative

Vaping has proven to be the most successful nicotine alternative. It provides a similar hand-to-mouth action and nicotine delivery without the harmful tar and many toxic chemicals found in cigarette smoke. Vaping allows users to control their nicotine intake by choosing e-liquids with varying nicotine levels, including nicotine-free options, making it easier to gradually reduce dependency. Additionally, vaping produces fewer odours, reducing second-hand smoke exposure and making it more socially acceptable. When in a social setting with several non-smokers, they will be thankful for not having to smell the unmistakable stench of cigarette smoke.

The Diversity of E-Liquids Available

The diversity of e-liquid flavours has revolutionised the vaping experience, offering vapers an extensive range of choices that cater to virtually every palate. From traditional tobacco and menthol to exotic fruit blends, decadent desserts, and refreshing beverages, the variety of flavours available enhances the appeal of vaping and allows for a highly personalised experience. 

The plethora of flavours available can even pique the interest of non-vapers. If they are a fruit-lover but do not vape, they may be interested to see what a certain fruity flavour of vape tastes like, simply to compare how close it is to the real thing. 

As the old saying goes, variety is the spice of life. The availability of a wide range of flavours allows vapers to customise their experience according to their preferences and moods. In the mood for an after dinner treat? Maybe try a dessert-based flavour. If you have an early morning and need a little kick start, maybe try a cooler, more menthol-based flavour. With so many possibilities, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say flavours are the most exciting aspect of vaping.

Environmental Impact

One of the criticisms of disposable vape devices is their environmental impact. As single-use products, they contribute to electronic waste. Some manufacturers are exploring more eco-friendly options, such as recyclable components or programs to return used devices for proper disposal.

Disposable vapes do offer certain environmental benefits, especially compared to traditional cigarettes. They reduce the litter problem associated with cigarette butts, which are non-biodegradable and contain toxic chemicals that pollute soil and water. Many disposable vapes are designed with recyclable materials, encouraging proper disposal and recycling practices. Additionally, the lack of combustion in vaping means fewer harmful emissions are released into the air, contributing to better air quality. 

However, there is definitely room for improvement in this regard, it's crucial for manufacturers to prioritise recycling programs and proper disposal methods to fully minimise the environmental impact of disposable vapes.

New to Vaping?

With a plethora of options at your disposal, it can be tricky to know where to start when taking the decision to begin vaping. Check out these suggestions on what to aim for when starting from scratch:

  1. Start with Lower Nicotine Levels: If you’re new to vaping, it’s advisable to start with lower nicotine levels to gauge your tolerance.
  2. Try Different Flavours: Experiment with different flavours to find what you enjoy the most.
  3. Read Instructions: Always read the instructions provided with the device to ensure proper usage.
  4. Monitor Usage: Keep track of how much you vape to avoid excessive nicotine intake.

As long as you follow the above tips, you should find vaping a pleasant, enjoyable experience. As you continue to discover the world of vaping, you may even find yourself amongst a community of vapers who share similar interests and advise you on the next step in your vaping journey. It could be a different disposable pod kit, a different flavour, or even a vaping influencer whose content you’d find engaging.

You will not struggle to find anywhere that sells vaping devices. Between 2017 and 2020, it was reported that the number of vape shops in the UK had increased from 2,280 to around 3,650. That is an increase of approximately 61%. It is important for all businesses to stay on top of the latest trends and give their customers what they want. It’s safe to say you’ll never be too far away from a store selling vape devices.

Legal Big Puffs offer a convenient, user-friendly vaping experience with a variety of flavours to suit different preferences. While they provide numerous benefits, it’s important to use them responsibly, considering both health and environmental impacts. By understanding the features and best practices associated with these devices, users can enjoy a satisfying and safe vaping experience.

Whether you want a popular alternative to smoking, or you are just intrigued by vaping and would like to partake, Big Puffs can be the ideal device for you. They are safe, exciting to use, and above all, safer than smoking. There has never been a better time to get involved in the ever-evolving landscape of vaping.

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