Why are disposable vapes so popular?

It won’t come as news to you that disposable vapes are more popular than ever - all you have to do is look around!

Nowadays, it seems people can’t get enough of these handheld devices, they come in different shapes and sizes, different nicotine content and of course, different flavours.

Such is the impact of disposables, social media influencers have used their platforms to promote different vapes. Once upon a time, if it wasn’t food or clothing, the chances of an influencer promoting a product were very slim to say the least. Disposables represent innovation and excitement.

Is it a generational thing?

Age doesn’t seem to matter when it comes to vaping (provided the user is over 18), however, studies have shown that millennials and gen z tend to vape the most. A bulk of vaping Millennials were once cigarette smokers who opted to make the switch, whereas a lot of Gen Z are more social vapers. Gen Z  grew up in an era where vaping was much more predominant, almost the norm, and it was quite the opposite for a lot of millennials.

When vaping first became popular, a specific type of kit was required. But since the introduction of disposables, many more people are getting involved due to the ease in which they can.

We’ve picked out the key factors as to why disposables are now all the rage;

Variety (Selection options)

When it comes to disposables, the options aren’t quite limitless but it certainly appears that way! So many brands now specialise in different types of disposable devices, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to shopping for something new to puff on. For example, Elux, one of the frontrunners in the vaping market, provides devices ranging between 600 and 4,000 puffs- perfect for as much or as little as you wish to vape.

They also provide a plethora of uniquely conceptualised flavours, it’s clear to see why they’ve built such a strong customer base. Similar can be said about a lot of other brands, including Elf Bar and Geek Bar!


People are more likely to buy products that are readily accessible- this is common sense. With so many outlets now stocking disposable vapes, naturally sales will increase. Your local corner store is likely to have a selection of disposables for you to choose from, but now supermarket juggernauts like Tesco also retail vapes. You don’t need to search high and wide to get your hands on one, this has definitely played a part in the growth of vaping. One stop shop sites such as E-liquids.com have a multitude of disposables available online - convenience is king!

Easy to use

Unlike traditional vaping kits, there is no assembling required for disposables. There’s no need to purchase e liquids, coils, tanks or anything of the like- simply buy, inhale and enjoy.

Many might find the prospect of assembling an MTL (Mouth-to-Lung) or DTL (Direct-to-Lung) device daunting. On the face of it, it can seem like a great deal of hassle. But when it comes to disposables, the instructions of use couldn’t be any more straightforward. AND, when you’re finished with your disposable, you can just throw it away and seek another- easy peasy!

Ideal for beginners

For those just starting out, disposable vapes are a clever choice. Purchasing a pod kit may be too big a commitment. Afterall, if you invest in a kit then decide you're not keen on vaping, then this is quite an expensive mistake. With a disposable, you can buy it for a reasonable price and if you aren’t happy with your decision, it won’t be too costly to get rid. If you’re new to the vaping world and unsure where to start, check out our beginners guide to vaping to help get you started.

Disposables are cheaper to purchase than cigarettes

One of the biggest benefits of disposables is the affordability of them. There are several brands of disposables available at a relatively low price, including the increasingly popular YOLO Mesh Bar which is currently retailing at just £5.50. With traditional cigarettes costing north of £11, you can save yourself some serious pennies by sticking to disposable vapes.

You shouldn’t underestimate the impact smoking can have on your bank balance. Heavy smokers tend to smoke 20 cigarettes a day on average, that’s around £13.30 per day, £93.10 per week and a whopping £4,841.20 per year. Ask yourself what you’d do with a spare £4,000 in your account, and consider the fact that quitting smoking could help you save close to that amount in just 12 months.

Vaping is Safer than traditional cigarettes

Extensive research has concluded that disposables are indeed safer for you than cigarettes, 95% safer in fact. For this reason, several long-time smokers opted to make the switch to vapes and haven’t looked back.

Not to mention the common side effects of smoking are non-existent when it comes to vaping. Yellower teeth, brittle finger nails, bloodshot eyes- you needn’t worry about any of these things if you use disposables. Plus, and it’s a massive plus, they don’t smell anywhere near as ghastly! With disposable vapes, you can take pride in your appearance whilst enjoying the nicotine buzz provided by cigarettes.


Yes, you read correctly, disposable vapes are now very much fashionable. Whether posing for a picture, or picking a colour to match your outfit- you can certainly accessorise with disposables.

They’re small and sleek in design, making them easy to carry around and who knows, they could take your outfit from an 8 to a 9! Not to mention, there’s something captivating about a thick cloud of smoke travelling through the air- especially when it’s in the shape of an ‘O’!

Disposable vapes have become a market trend which continues to grow at a phenomenal pace. You can get a safe vaping experience, whilst enjoying delicious flavours AND save money in the process. It’s a trifecta of undeniable advantages which means disposable vaping will be around for years to come.

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