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Corporate Responsibility: Our Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

Here at, we’re dedicated to being one of the most sustainable vape retailers, with our vast product range, we pride ourselves in prioritising environmental responsibility and recycling options for customers.

The Impact of Cigarette Waste has a significant environmental harm, including CO2 emissions, solid waste, wastewater, and deforestation caused by the tobacco industry.

WEEE Waste Compliance adheres to the Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive, actively participating with recycling and recovery efforts for vape products and components. We also support recycling centres financially as well as through supply and distribution. is part of the Distributor Takeback Scheme, which allows customers to return their vapes for recycling via post or designated recycling centres across the country. We organise the distribution of vape recycling units nationwide, 

We strive to elevate our Environmental Commitment beyond minimum environmental requirements issued by the government. We use recycled and recyclable packaging for orders, as well as ensuring all of our delivery partners align with low carbon emissions goals.

At, we work directly with recycling companies to ensure that both staff and customers can dispose of items such as metal, plastics, paper, and batteries with confidence. Our in-house recycling facilities are available in our stores as well as to our leading distributors. 

Unfortunately we’re only able to distribute within the UK and Ireland, but we at encourage our customers overseas to support their local vape businesses, which is better for the environment. We stock over 200 UK brands on our site, often sourcing from local companies directly as often as possible. 

We always consult our manufacturers to discuss how we can collaboratively help make their products and e-commerce process more sustainable, as well as ensuring they stock a wide range of refillable and reusable vapes.

Is vaping better for the environment than smoking?

For those that aren’t as clued up on the modern day smoking alternative, vaping is a fairly new phenomenon in which e-cigarette devices are used to inhale flavoured vapour as a less harmful alternative to traditional smoking. According to PHE, vaping is up there as one of the most successful forms of smoking cessation, especially with the confirmation that vaping is 95% healthier than cigarettes on average. While we know that vaping is substantially less harmful than smoking, how does the overall environmental impact compare?

A major advantage that vaping has over smoking is the lessened waste overall in comparison, when used safely and correctly. Vaping as a construct is far better for the environment than smoking cigarettes overall, and here are the biggest reasons why:

No Filters!

It’s of course common knowledge that cigarette filters are the most widely littered item on the ENTIRE planet. Vaping devices, being fully electrical, do not contribute to this mass build-up of waste as they don’t require cigarette filters of any kind. Refillable vape devices especially have next to no litter associated with their use at all.
In terms of production, E-liquids are way more sustainable than tobacco - e-liquids don’t require expansive crops of plants to be made. This notably means less exploitation, fewer pesticides used and substantially less deforestation.

Vapour is Better than Smoke

In a recent study held by the Tobacco Control Unit of Italy’s National Cancer Institute in Milan, it was discovered that 3 lit cigarettes were more polluting than running a turbo diesel engine over 30 minutes! E-cig vapour is known to contain far fewer chemicals and much less nicotine residue than cigarette smoke.

Recyclable Materials

E-liquid bottles are usually made of recyclable plastic. Even vape hardware such as coils and vape tanks can also be easily recycled after they’ve been appropriately cleaned.

Tips On How to Be An Eco-friendly Vaper

If you’re a sub-ohm vape user, try using 100ml shortfill bottles instead of 50ml for longevity and sustainability.

For mouth-to-lung (MTL) vapers and especially beginners, we advise opting for nicotine salts. The result? Maximum satisfaction, less juice consumption, ease of use and less plastic waste!

A good way to improve the longevity of your vape, and in turn your usage sustainability is to try vaping with less sweet e-liquids at lower wattages. This is because sweeter e-liquids and higher wattages are well known to burn through coils faster.

How to Recycle Vape Kits:

Recycling vape kits can be a bit of a faff to begin with, but easy once you know how. Start by of course switching them off then separating components for cleaning, then followed up by disposal of batteries and other parts in the appropriate recycling bins.

How to Recycle E-Liquid:

We promote the recycling of e-liquid bottles, advising customers to rinse them out with warm water until thoroughly cleaned, then they can be simply recycled in plastic recycling or at local waste centres.

Disposable Vapes:

We advocate against littering and incorrect disposal of single use vapes, as well as being proactively against attempting disassembly. The best route of disposal is to chuck them in a battery or electrical recycling bin if you’re unable to locate your closest local vape bin. We know disposable devices are an ideal option for those switching for cigs, but we always prioritise promoting alternative, eco-friendly vaping options like refillable pods for greater sustainability.

Refillable Pods and Vape Pens:

At, we have unlimited options for refillable pods and vape pens as eco-friendly alternatives to disposable vapes. Their ease of use, rechargeability, and reduced environmental impact challenges that of the disposable device in every way, coming out on top in terms of flavour performance, power, sustainability and economical use. 

We take sustainability very seriously, as part of an industry so closely associated with environmental scrutiny. We pride ourselves on our proactivity and advocacy against the impact that nicotine addictions can have on the environment and have many handy guides that can help you make the switch to a more eco-conscious alternative today! 

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