Vape Mystery Boxes

Unlock the excitement of vaping with our Vape Mystery Boxes, curated to surprise and delight. Our Mystery Boxes offer an adventure like no other. Each box is carefully crafted to deliver premium e-liquids, ensuring an unlimate vaping experience every time. Embrace the thrill of the unknown with our Vape Mystery Boxes today.

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What brands and types of products are included in these boxes?

We’ve put together a selection of top-selling products from big-name brands you’re sure to recognise!

Can I return any of the products in these boxes?

The purchase of any Mystery Box is final meaning we are unable to accept any returns and offer refunds and/or exchanges. We are also unable to offer refunds on any shipping costs at this time.

Are the products in these boxes out of date?

All of the products included in our Mystery Boxes are of the same high quality standard you’d expect from any other product sold on our website.

Can I redeem E-points on my Mystery Box purchase?

Yes, our Mystery Boxes are eligible for purchase with your E-points. At checkout, you’ll be able to choose to use all of your E-points, or a smaller portion to get a discount off your order.

Can I use discounts on my Mystery Box purchase?

Our Mystery Box offers cannot be combined with any other discounts and promotions at this time.

Does each Mystery Box contain a unique combination of products?

You may receive duplicate items if you order multiple Mystery Boxes, meaning we cannot guarantee that you will receive a unique combination of products in every box. The products inside each Mystery Box are selected randomly according to the advertised included brands.