10ml TPD Eliquids

10ml TPD e-liquids are one of the most common forms of e-liquids. These e-liquids come with nicotine in them, which means they can only be sold in sizes up to 10ml. This is because of the UK’s Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) which prohibits the sale of nicotine e-liquids in sizes over 10ml. It is also where we get the name ‘TPD’ from. 

The advantage of 10ml TPDs is that they are super convenient, with all of the flavour and nicotine in one e-liquid. There’s no need to add nicotine as you would in a shortfill e-liquid, you can just open the bottle and fill up your device. 

10ml TPDs typically come in a 50/50 PG:VG ratio, which makes them perfect for pod kits or other more portable vape devices like pen style kits. 10ml TPDs are a great choice for those who have just switched from smoking to vaping.

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