Menthol Eliquids

Menthol e-liquid is one of the undisputed kings across the whole vaping range. One of the most prevalent flavours, the popularity of menthol is centred in its mint-like flavour and tingling effect on the taste buds. Menthol e-liquid is a must have for those who are quitting smoking and switching to vaping but used to enjoy menthol cigarettes.

You’ll find an absolute treasure trove of menthol flavours on Our selection includes flavours that are pure menthol and also plenty of other vape juices that use menthol as part of a flavour combo. Menthol can add a cool and refreshing kick to most flavours and is great in summery fruit blends; these can really hit the spot on hot days.

Menthol vape juices are available in 50/50, nic salt and shortfill varieties from all of the best loved vape brands. These liquids are particularly prized as all-day flavours for their cool and easy to vape flavour. Menthol e-liquid is perfect for smokers who are used to smoking throughout the day, and are looking for an e-liquid to help mitigate cravings.

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