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Chocolate Eliquid

Chocolate e-liquids are unsurprisingly of the most indulgent vaping flavours to choose from! Providing a familiarly sweet and smooth taste, Chocolate e-liquids are available to enjoy in dark, milk, and white flavour variants, which can all be found seamlessly partnered with popular sweet treat combinations such as biscuits, desserts, as well as fruit, menthol, and more. 

For an intensely smooth vaping experience, choose blends of milk chocolate with pastries or fresh fruit. If you’re a lover of sharper cocoa flavours with a hint of sweetness, dark chocolate blends can be a satisfying choice. Luckily, Chocolate e-liquids can be savoured with both low VG and high VG varieties, making this irresistible flavour compatible with both high and low powered vaping devices. For an even creamier flavour, higher wattage vaping kits are recommended, whereas lower wattage devices are best used for a sweeter, sharper taste.

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