Eight Common Mistakes When Using Vape Kits

Avoid these errors and maximise your vaping experience!

If you own a vape kit, then you know how it can be tricky to keep it running smoothly. However, with the proper knowledge of how to look after it, you will no longer have to worry about making critical, yet common errors. 

From over filling your tank to overusing your coil, there are several ways in which you can potentially ruin your vaping experience. 

The name of the game is value for money, what’s the use in spending your hard earned pounds on a kit if you’re going to treat it like it’s worthless? There are several techniques that can be used to enable it to stand the test of time. E-Liquids.com has got you covered, stay in the know with this article and keep your device at peak performance.

Prevention is better than cure, and after reading this you will be clued up enough to be proactive as opposed to being reactive. Here are the eight most common mistakes vapers make when using their kits and how to avoid them;

Overfilling it

As previously mentioned, a lot of vapers often overfill their tank. Not only does this alter the taste of your vape, it causes your kit to perform poorer in general. Make sure you’ve filled your tank appropriately before use, if you look closely there should be a small indicator as to where you should fill to- afterall, you want the flavour you paid for, no? Check out our beginner’s vape guide for detailed instructions on vape kits.

Vaping too soon after refilling with a new coil

It’s important to remember that e-liquids need time to saturate. When your device runs out of juice and it's time to change your coil, you’re met with a bitter taste which is off putting to say the least. Once you change your coil and refill your tank, let it sit for a short period of time (two to three minutes is usually enough), before puffing. If this is carried out correctly, you needn’t worry about that burnt taste abusing your tastebuds.

Using an incorrect coil

Using the correct coil is absolutely essential- in addition to this, it’s important to find your preferred ohm. The ohms level is a way of measuring the electrical resistance of your device. Remember, you can choose to buy a Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) or a Direct-to-Lung device depending on your desired method of vaping. 

If you have an MTL device (anything above 0.7ohm), then use 50/50 e-liquid, this is usually 10ml, VG/PG which is a thinner liquid. For DTL devices, use 70/30 e-liquid which is commonly in the form of shortfills.


Although durable, pod kids are not unbreakable! Consider the activity you’ll be taking part in and whether or not you need to have your device with you. For example, if you’re going trampolining, there’s no need to have your vape in your pocket- one awkward landing and it could be game over!

We understand that accidents happen, but you have to be careful with your kit, don’t overestimate its toughness and go throwing it around! If you break it, you’ll have to pay to replace it. Think about the money you’ll have to spend, those valuable pennies could be added to your savings!

Re-using the same liquid

A less strenuous point, but relevant nonetheless. Nobody is coming to steal your e-liquid (at least we hope not), so there’s no need to cling onto it for dear life! If you keep using the same e-liquid for too long (around 6-12 months), you could suffer from a condition known as Vaper’s Tongue.

Not keeping it clean

You should always strive to keep your device as clean as possible. Tanks in particular require extra upkeep- when you’re changing e-liquids, ensure your tank is clean so that you don’t mix juices and ruin the taste. The cleaner your kit, the better it will perform. It can be incredibly frustrating buying a new vape 

juice, and the flavour ends up being different to what you anticipated!

An effective way to clean it is to remove the coil, get a small pot of lukewarm water with soap, then rinse your tank thoroughly and let it dry. Once your tank is completely dry you can then reassemble and enjoy the fruits of your labour!

Overusing your coil

We can’t stress this one enough, when it’s time to replace your coil, please, replace it! Buying a new one doesn’t need to be a stressful task, we have a broad selection of vape coils - pick an appropriate one for your device. If you keep persisting with a coil that has outlived its use, you’ll be greeted with bitter flavours and it’ll be harsh on your throat too. Take it from us, do not overuse your coil, it’s no good for you and above all, it tastes horrendous!

Using incorrect e-liquids

It’s vital to have the correct equipment for your kit. If you try to use e-liquids that aren’t conducive to your kit, you’ll likely end up breaking it and as a result, wasting money. We understand that you might enjoy modifying, but alter your kit correctly. Ensure you have the appropriate equipment to avoid the hellish scenario of a broken kit (with only yourself to blame!)

Be wary of all the points above and you’ll enjoy a healthy vaping experience for a long time . Be kind to your pockets and take good care of your kit, not everything you enjoy partaking in should cost you an arm and a leg!

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