The Elf Bar Disposable Vapes

Since launching in 2018, the Elf Bar brand has become a leading name in the vaping world. Fast forward to now, and the Elf Bar 600 has cemented its place as one of the most popular disposable vape devices in the UK. 

Whether you’ve tried one yet or not, you’ve probably seen others enjoying the smooth and flavourful vapour of an Elf Bar!

But what makes the Elf Bar so popular?

  1. Budget-Friendly: With no need to purchase additional parts or liquids, Elf Bars provide a cost-effective way of enjoying the vaping experience. are currently offering any 5 Elf Bar 600s for just £20
  2. Higher Puff Range: Each Elf Bar is capable of delivering at least 600 puffs before needing replacing. 600 puffs is equivalent to around 2 packs of 20 cigarettes. And with the recent introduction of Big puff devices by Elf Bar you get about 5000 puffs, all these devices are legal in the UK. Just think of the money saved! 
  3. Easy To Use: Designed for ultimate convenience, simply remove the Elf Bar from its packaging and take a draw through the mouthpiece. No charging. No buttons. No settings. 
  4. Wide Range Of Flavours: All Elf Bar range boasts an extensive selection of wonderful flavours. Whether you desire something fabulously fruity like apple peach or crave the classic and smooth taste of cream tobacco, Elf Bars offer something to suit every palate. 
  5. Small & Compact: The compact and portable design of Elf Bars makes them ideal for on-the-go vaping. Small enough to fit in your pocket or bag, they are perfect for users with active lifestyles or those who need something discreet. Despite their size, Elf Bars pack a powerful punch, delivering satisfyingly smooth vapour production whenever you need it!
  6. Disposable: Elf Bars offer ultimate convenience being a disposable vape. Simply dispose of the device when the juice/battery has run out.

These factors contribute to the ongoing success of the Elf Bar among vapers in the UK and beyond.

What's Inside an Elf Bar 600 V2

Let's take a closer look at what’s inside this popular disposable vape device:

  1. 550mAh Battery:  The built-in battery is optimised to deliver an impressive 600 puffs (approx.) before the device needs replacing.
  2. Premium E-Liquid: Inside each Elf Bar 600 is a pre-filled pod containing 2ml of premium salt nicotine e-liquid. This formula offers vapers a smoother throat hit compared to standard freebase nicotine. Elf Bars come in nicotine strengths ranging from 10mg up to 20mg.
  3. Coil: The device's built-in coil heats the e-liquid, turning it into smooth, flavourful vapour as you inhale. 
  4. Draw-Activated Mechanism: Users simply need to inhale on the device to activate the heating element and start vaping.

Setting up and Using the Elf Bar 600

Elf Bar 600 disposables require no setup. They come fully charged and pre-filled with e-liquid of your chosen flavour. To start vaping, simply remove the device from its packaging and take a draw.

When the e-liquid begins to run out, you’ll notice a decline in vapour production and flavour delivery. This is a good sign that it’s time to get a replacement. 

If the battery is depleted, you’ll also notice the LED light on the bottom of the device flashing. Once this happens, the device will no longer work.

Can you Refill or Recharge an Elf Bar 600

No, the Elf Bar 600 cannot be refilled or recharged. The device should be disposed of once the battery and e-liquid have been used.

How Do You Dispose of Elf Bars?

It’s important to dispose of used Elf Bars responsibly, and they should never be thrown away with your usual rubbish. Take your old Elf Bars to your local vape recycling point. If you are from Birmingham then you can visit our store in Bennetts Hill to dispose your used Vapes and Vaper Batteries.

Recently, supermarkets like Tesco, have introduced a separate recycling bin for vape products. If unsure, contact your local council for guidance on disposal.

Where to Buy The Elf Bar 600

If you're interested in purchasing the Elf Bar, you can find them by visiting Elf Bar page and browse all available ranges from Elf Bar brand. With a range of multi-buy offers and dozens of flavours to choose from, is the number one place to buy disposable Elf Bar vapes.