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Jack Rabbit Vapes E-liquids

Jack Rabbit Vapes has a variety of flavour collections including their Jack Rabbit, Cyber Rabbit, Rachel Rabbit and Rabbit Infusions. The makers of these e-liquids have certainly been busy bunnies!

Vapers can’t hop over quick enough to try out Jack Rabbit Vapes. This popular brand prides itself on ‘premium e-liquids crafted for vape connoisseurs’, with an array of mouth-watering 50ml/100ml shortfill and nic salts available to try.

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Which size and strength of Jack Rabbit Vapes e-liquid should I choose?

The best e-liquid size and strength for you will depend on your needs and preferences. If you’re a beginner vaper, we recommend using Jack Rabbit Vapes’ higher strength nic salts, while for more advanced vapers, 50ml/100ml shortfills are a fantastic option.

Why choose Jack Rabbit Vapes?

If you’re someone who really enjoys sweet dessert treats and fun fruity flavours, Jack Rabbit Vapes' e-liquids more than deserve a space in your collection!

What are the differences between Nic Salts and Shortfills?

The difference between nic salts and shortfills is that shortfills do not contain nicotine and come in larger bottles with room for you to add your own nic shots. Nic salts offer smoother throat hits and can be used with lower-powered MTL vape devices, whereas shortfills produce larger clouds and perform best in higher-powered sub-ohm/DTL vapes.