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Nic Up

Nic Up 50/50 10ml Nic Salt Nic Shot 20mg

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Product Description

Nic Up 50/50 Nic Salts are designed for those seeking a stronger nicotine hit in a shorter time. This unflavoured 10ml nicotine salt nic shot is 20mg strong and is perfect for mixing with your shortfills. With a 50VG/50PG blend, experience a smoother throat hit and faster nicotine absorption, ensuring longer-lasting satisfaction. Note: it's not meant for standalone vaping. 


Bottle Size: 10mlE-liquid ratio: 70VG/30PGDevice Required: Tanks / Mods / Direct to LungStrengths: 18mg

About the brand: 

Nic Up presents a line of nicotine salts that redefine the vaping experience. With a keen understanding of the need for quick and potent hits, Nic Up Salts offer a solution for those seeking intense satisfaction in shorter vaping sessions. Their unflavoured 10ml nicotine salt nic shots boast a strong 20mg strength and are designed to seamlessly integrate with shortfills. Perfect for those on the go, Nic Up Salts promise a smoother throat hit and faster nicotine absorption thanks to their 50VG/50PG blend. Dive into a world of heightened enjoyment with NicIt Up Salts.

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