Banana Eliquids

Banana e-liquids have become one of the most widely used flavours in the vaping industry due to their distinctive ripe and sweet notes. Often used as a classic base flavour, banana is commonly found to be combined with either creamy or fruity notes that are able to compliment the decadent undertones of this famous yellow fruit. Any e-liquids with the label Tutti Frutti in them will also contain a banana flavour to deliver a classic, fruity candied taste.

When vaped, Banana e-liquids provide an interesting dynamic of tastes - those vaping at higher wattages will find a sweet, glazed flavour, while lower wattages tend to deliver flavours that are on the savoury side. Banana is used in both High VG blends and High PG blends, meaning it is suitable for those using both vape starter kits and larger sub ohm devices.

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