Wild Roots E-liquid

Wild Roots’ nature-inspired e-liquids promote a sustainable lifestyle and are inclusive for all to enjoy, including vegans and those who are lactose-intolerant or with gluten allergies. Since their humble beginning, Wild Roots have focused entirely on producing eco-friendly and cruelty free (not to mention flavoursome!) fruit e-liquid flavours.

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Step Into The Wonderful World Of Wild Roots

Wild Roots are an artisanal e-liquid brand on Earth’s side. Through their affinity with nature, they’ve poured all of their passion into creating an array of fruit flavours in both shortfill and nicotine salt form for every vaper to cherish. Since their release, Wild Roots have grown from strength to strength and built a flavour family tree and a grounded community of vapers!

A More Sustainable Choice For You And The Planet

It’s great to know that all of Wild Roots’ bottles are 100% recyclable. Plus, did you know that by choosing to vape over smoke, you’re helping to reduce cigarette butt pollution and deforestation caused by tobacco plantations?

Try Their New Nic Salt Range

Wild Roots' exquisitely exotic flavours continue to stand as deep-rooted favourites, and for good reason too. You can now enjoy all of their original flavour offerings as 10mg nicotine salts!

Is Wild Roots a premium brand?

All of Wild Roots' naturally delicious ingredients are sourced in a responsible manner. This means that you can expect the highest quality formulas with eco-friendly ingredients.

What makes Wild Roots different from other e-liquid brands?

Wild Roots believe in creating beautifully bold and natural flavours with a conscience. All of their e-liquids are vegan-friendly, as well as lactose and gluten-free. Plus, their nic salt range is manufactured with less packaging than other brands on the market!

Are Wild Roots’ e-liquid bottles recyclable?

Yes! Wild Roots’ green conscious mindset also extends to their product packaging. It’s great to know that all of their vape juice bottles are entirely recyclable!

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