Orange Eliquids

Orange flavoured e-liquids may seem less common than you’d expect. This is because orange is actually quite a hard flavour to get right in e-liquid form. However, the folks who design the flavours have been working flat-out, recently starting to produce some amazing orange flavoured vape juices.

Flavours like Love Bite by Six Licks make use of the unique citrusy taste of orange to achieve amazing flavour. As the industry has got bigger and better, the selection of great orange flavours is only growing. You’ll see the delicious variant of blood orange especially regularly!

You can get orange e-liquids in many forms. Orange shortfills are common, but there is still a great choice of orange 50/50s and nic salts for pod kit vapers. If you’re still unsure of orange, we strongly recommend trying one of the blood orange fruit combos, we’re sure it will change your mind!

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