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Adjustable Airflow Vape Tanks

Adjustable airflow vape tanks are vape tanks that allow vapers to tailor the amount of airflow that passes through their tank. By altering this, vapers can achieve varying styles of vaping and, in many cases, completely alter their vaping experience. By allowing for more air into the kit, these tanks can produce greater amounts of vapour, which is suited for DTL vaping and higher-VG e-liquids. Alternatively, restricting the tank’s airflow will produce a more discreet amount of vapour which is more appropriate for MTL vaping and higher-PG e-liquids.

Adjustable airflow on vape tanks is a feature which can be useful for many vapers, both newer and more experienced. It is a simple way of allowing vapers to have more control over the way they vape, while allowing different types of coil to shine. These tanks are compatible with almost every vape mod, but for any more information, always check out the product’s description. Many brands are now including adjustable airflow on their tanks and devices, so you will have an excellent choice of tanks!

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What are Vape Tanks?

Vape tanks are an essential part of many vape devices. They typically serve two functions; to contain e-liquid and house the device's coil. This means they both hold e-liquid and heat it up (via the coil) to turn into delicious vapour. Vape tanks are usually constructed of glass and metal, and come in a wide choice of colours and specifications. This is great for vaper’s looking to modify their vape kit with new parts, allowing for a lot of flexibility over your device's appearance and performance.

Are Vape Tanks Universal?

To some extent, yes! Many vape tanks share the same connector/screw thread called a 510 connector. This 510 connector is responsible for attaching the vape tank to the device and it’s battery. This standard connector means that many vape tanks are interchangeable with a variety of different kits. While some do differ and you should always check your vape devices specifications, you’ll find that most vape tanks will fit onto kits that require a tank. For example, you could use a Zeus vape tank on a VooPoo device, allowing for greater customization.

What are the Different Types Of Vape Tanks?

There are some main types of vape tank that differ on purpose and function. MTL tanks and DTL tanks are probably the most common types of vape tank, and the ones you will see for sale most. These are tanks designed for specific types of kit; MTL and DTL kits. There are also rebuildable and disposable tanks to consider.

What is an MTL Vape Tank?

MTL, or mouth-to-lung vape tanks, are vape tanks for use in devices that simulate a cigarette like approach to vaping. MTL tanks are particularly popular amongst those who have switched from smoking to vaping. These tanks allow vapour to be first taken into the mouth, before inhaling into the lungs, a process that will be familiar to cigarette smokers. MTL tanks generally produce less vapour and are usually smaller and more discreet.

What is a DTL Vape Tank?

DTL means direct-to-lung and are vape tanks aimed at more advanced vapers aiming to create more vapour. Rather than drawing vapour into your mouth and then inhaling into the lungs, DTL tanks allow for vapour to be inhaled directly into the lungs, similar to how shisha pipes are smoked. DTL vape tanks are also known as sub-ohm tanks, due to the low resistance of their coil which allows for more vapour production.

What is a Top Fill Vape Tank?

A top fill vape tank refers to how you fill the tank with e-liquid. Many vape tanks require to be filled from the bottom, which means you have to take the vape tank off to refill it. Top fills make things far more convenient by filling from the top, meaning you can leave the vape tank attached when you come to refill.

Which Vape Tank is Best for Beginners?

For beginner’s we’d recommend starting with a MTL vape tank and a MTL lung device. This is perfect for those making the move from smoking and new vapers alike. MTL vape tanks are easy to use with convenient e-liquids like 50-50s and Nic salts and work with a number of easy-to-use vaping devices. These tanks also often have replaceable coils which saves you money, while also a good way to begin learning about how a vape works.

Which Vape Tank is Best for Advanced Vapers?

For more advanced vapers, most will have moved up to a DTL sub-ohm vape tank. Perfect for VG e-liquids, these tanks and their sub-ohm coils will work well with shortfill e-liquids, a favourite of advanced vapers. DTL tanks allow for the creation of some massive clouds of vapour, perfect for cloud-chasing or just more intense flavour production.